Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winners of Book Contests (Part 2)

Life After Genius by M. Ann Jacobs

fitz12383 - confirmed
librarygrinch - confirmed
tiramisu392 - confirmed
chrismejia- confirmed

The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent

bekki1820cb - confirmed
readingatthebeach - confirmed
joannelong74 - confirmed
zenrei57 - confirmed
janicelegaspi - confirmed

Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy by Mary Tomer- rl - confirmed

I've notified the winners and they have until 6 pm on Friday to send me their mailing addresses. Thanks for participating! Thanks so much to Hatchette Book Group for sponsoring these giveaways!

Winners of Book Contests (Part 1)

Angels by Chuck Fischer - Irene (cyeates) - confirmed

Love You To Death by Shannon Butcher
cafeofdreamsbookreviews - confirmed
booklover0226 - confirmed
magenta 2 red- confirmed
mce1011 - confirmed

Girl on Top by Nicole Williams
nancyecdavis - confirmed
bea_pangilinan - confirmed
lizzi0915 - confirmed
corieandnickolas - confirmed
augustlily06 - confirmed

Run For Your Life by James Patterson
chinook92 - confirmed
wandanamgreb - confirmed
r_lapus - confirmed
chrismejia - confirmed
janicelegaspi - confirmed

Congratulations! I've notified the winners and they have until noon on Friday to send their mailing addresses. Thank you for participating!

Winners of Feelin' the Vibe by Candice Dow

Feelin' the Vibe by Candice Dow

bgcchs - confirmed
roxxyroller - confirmed
wandanamgreb - confirmed
enyl - confirmed
nancyecdavis - confirmed

Congratulations! I've notified the winners and they have until 6 pm on Friday to send me their mailing addresses. Thanks for participating! Thanks so much to Hatchette Book Group for sponsoring this giveaway!

Book Blog Tour of Hoodoo Sea by Rolf Hitzer: A Guest Post

Please welcome Rolf Hitzer to the Book Blog Tour of Hoodoo Sea!

We're fortunate to have Rolf Hitzer share the experience of writing his first novel and bringing his novel to market.

Hoodoo Sea

Every night I made an appointment with myself to write for two hours. This precious time out of my day was dedicated to pen my first novel, Hoodoo Sea. After being at work all day, and after dinner, there were many nights where it was a challenge to stay motivated, or maintain the mental stamina needed to write the book. However, I stayed true to myself and persevered.

The idea that spawned, Hoodoo Sea, came by accident. One evening I was home alone and bored. I began to channel surf and nothing seemed to hold my interest. I stumbled upon the Discovery Channel and the documentary on held my attention for a few seconds. Hooked, I watched the program and the concept for the book began to formulate.

When the first draft for, Hoodoo Sea, was completed, my wife dedicated her weekend to read the manuscript. Originally the novel had been written as a keepsake for our children, my spouse insisted I send my work out to a literary agent.

Thirty days after I had signed a contract, I had to contact my agent to put their efforts on hold. I had accompanied my mom to the doctor’s office where we were given devastating news. My time was now needed to be at my mother’s side.

My contract had been expired for months when the call came from my agent out of the blue. She had been contacted by one of the fifteen publishers that had seen my manuscript and they expressed interest to publish my book. I honestly feel lucky to have the novel published as I had held my agent back from doing her job properly on my behalf.


About the Author:
Rolf Hitzer was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1959 and raised by his parents, Erna and Julius Hitzer. Rolf is married to his wife Irma since 1997. Together they have a wonderful blended family with Rita and Clark Bodoano and Grand children, Alexandria, Patrick and Braeden. Jason and Leah Tutlies, and Grandson Easton. Mandel Hitzer, and the youngest Jessica Hitzer.

Rolf is a Member of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board, The Manitoba Real Estate Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association. He is currently working on his second novel.

Book Review of The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

Sourcebooks has reprinted many of the classic Georgette Heyer novels, introducing them to a whole new generation. My mother has read her novels for years and introduced me to them years ago. I was very excited to receive a review copy of The Foundling, one of my mother's favorites and a novel new to me. My mother was quite excited as well since her copy of the book was published in 1977, has much smaller font, and is dog-eared from being read so often.

The Foundling
The blurb:
The Duke of Sale is out to prove himself. The shy, young Duke of Sale has never known his parents. Instead, his Grace Adolphus Gillespie Vernon Ware, Gilly for short, has endured twenty-four years of rigorous mollycoddling from his uncle and his valet. But his natural diffidence conceals a rebellious spirit.

A mysterious beauty provides the perfect opportunity. When Gilly learns of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be blackmailing his cousin, he absconds with glee. But he has no sooner entered into this new and dangerous world than he is plunged into a frenzy of intrigue, kidnapping and adventure, and surprises at every turn.

For avid Georgette Heyer fans, The Foundling will be an interesting and satisfying departure from the romance novels. The Foundling focuses on the Duke of Sale and his adventures as he goes "undercover" as a regular man. Gilly is a sympathetic and interesting leading character trying to overcome years of being overprotected. Gilly encounters all sorts of personalities while trying to end his cousin's entanglement, fortunately, Gilly reacts to the unexpected with kindness, a gentle manner and considerable common sense. The Foundling is witty, unexpected, and great fun.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (September 2009), 448 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.
Thank you so much, Danielle and Sourcebooks for this review opportunity!

Book Review of Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

Wild Blue Under (Tritone Trilogy, #2)

The second in Judi Fennell's unusual romance series, Wild Blue Under introduces us to Rod Tritone, a prince of Atlantis. Rod Tritone is given the difficult task of finding a distant relative Valerie Dumere and convincing her to accept her unique inheritance, the governorship of the Southern Ocean. All he has to do is bring her to the ocean or the sea, one drop of seawater will cause Valerie to grow her mermaid tail. Having lived his entire life in Atlantis, Rod Tritone's vocabulary and experience centers around ocean references, but he can make himself understood. Rod's hadn't expected Valerie Dumere to be disinterested in her inheritance and to have an irrational fear of the sea. But Rod doesn't let these hurdles keep him from his task. When Rod and Valerie travel to the ocean and enlist the help of nearby sea creatures, they face and surmount unexpected dangers together.

Wild Blue Under is a whimsical and witty read. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a light and humorous romance.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca; 1 edition (November 3, 2009), 384 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

Thank you to Judi, Danielle, and SourceBooks for the review opportunity!

Book Blog Tour of Hoodoo Sea by Rolf Hitzer

Welcome to the Book Blog Tour of Hoodoo Sea by Rolf Hitzer!
Hoodoo Sea

The blurb:
The government of the United States of America is on the verge of startling the world. Billions of dollars had been invested in its space program. And now, the moment of truth had arrived. . .

Scott Reed is the man for the historic mission. He is the Wing Commander chosen by the elite brass at NASA. The assignment to test flight the first speed of light craft, held top secret, was about the shock the world. The risk? Utter and complete failure. The reward? Being a part of the greatest human accomplishment ever known to man.

Major James Harrow, second in command of the four person crew, despised his Wing Commander. Harrow was a proud and patriotic American. What was NASA thinking when they selected a Canadian to pilot the voyage? There was no comparison as to who was the better skilled aviator. This was his time, his moment. Major James Harrow was about to prove to everybody they were wrong to bypass him as Commander.

The weather conditions were perfect and lift-off for the test flight was textbook. The triumphant cheers from Mission Control in Houston were echoed all the way to Cape Canaveral. The silent fear of the first hurdle of the flight had been succumbed. All systems were go! That is, until the crew and SOLT-X1 entered the Bermuda Triangle. . .

Hoodoo Sea is an unusual read and full of unexpected plot twists. Like many other reviewers, I can honestly say that I did not expect the ending!

From the insight into the competitiveness and discipline of the NASA astronauts to the strange place where the astronauts find themselves, the book is never dull. Their unintended destination "The Land" seems like it may be an island back in time with the inhabitants living in caves and with minimal technology, but the mysterious properties of the place and the inhabitants keep you guessing.

While the book wasn't for me, I think that someone interested in Science Fiction and Christian fiction would better appreciate its strengths and enjoy it.

Publisher: BluewaterPress LLC (June 2, 2009), 260 pages.
Review copy provided by the author and Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tours.

Thanks so much to Rolf Hitzer, Tracee, and Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tours for this review opportunity.