Monday, November 5, 2018

A Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry

A Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry
  • ISBN-10: 0399179941 - Hardcover $20
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books (November 6, 2018), 192 pages.
  • Review copy courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher.

The blurb:
It wouldn’t quite be Christmas without a holiday mystery decorated with all the Victorian trimmings as only New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry can render it. Now the tradition continues as mayhem is once again found under the mistletoe, and intrigue stalks the cobblestone streets and gaslit parlors of old London Town.

Formerly a river urchin living on the banks of the Thames,  nine-year-old Worm has never experienced a family Christmas. But thanks to a job at Hester Monk’s clinic in Portpool Lane, he’s found a makeshift family in kindly Miss Claudine Burroughs and curmudgeonly old bookkeeper Squeaky Robinson.

When Worm witnesses the abduction of a beautiful woman by a pair of ruffians just days before Christmas, he frantically turns to Squeaky for help. A one-time brothel owner, Squeaky knows the perils of interfering in nasty business, but he can’t bear to disappoint Worm—or leave the boy to attempt a rescue on his own. What neither of the would-be saviors expects, however, is that the damsel in distress already has her dilemma well in hand . . . and is taking steps to bring her captors to justice for crimes far worse than kidnapping. But the rogues, as cunning as they are deadly, are not to be underestimated. The aid of cynical old Squeaky and hopeful young Worm just might make the difference between a merry triumph over evil and a terrible yuletide tragedy.

In Anne Perry's latest Christmas tale, A Christmas Revelation, we follow Squeaky and young Worm in a life threatening adventure.  Young Worm is captivated by a beautiful young woman.  She seems too gentle and well born to be in their area and when she is accosted by two men, Worm tries to follow her, hoping to save her.  He attracts the attention of dangerous men but finds himself drawn to help the young woman.  He enlists the help of Squeaky at Hester Monk's clinic.

Though Squeaky had rough beginnings and has  a reputation as a dangerous man, we find that he does have a soft spot for the women and children at Hester Monk's clinic.  He cares for these people but will be quick to deny it. So, when young Worm comes to Squeaky and tells the story of the young woman in danger, Squeaky suspects a fraud.  But Squeaky wants to keep Worm's idealism alive and agrees to find the woman and to see how they can help her.  Against his better judgement, Squeaky finds himself drawn into a dangerous game - trying to convince hardened criminals that a long dead man and a hidden treasure can be found.

In A Christmas Revelation, Anne Perry delivers a heartwarming tale wrapped in robbery, violence, deception and uncertainty. We're given a chance to learn more about Squeaky and Worm and celebrate friendship and loyalty.

About the Author:
Anne Perry is the bestselling author of two acclaimed series set in Victorian England: the William Monk novels, including Dark Assassin and The Shifting Tide, and the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels, including The Cater Street Hangman, Calandar Square, Buckingham Palace Gardens and Long Spoon Lane. She is also the author of the World War I novels No Graves As Yet, Shoulder the Sky, Angels in the Gloom, At Some Disputed Barricade, and We Shall Not Sleep, as well as six holiday novels, most recently A Christmas Grace. Anne Perry lives in Scotland.