Monday, September 29, 2008

Starting Bikram Yoga

A good friend of mine swears by Bikram Yoga and when I'd visited her in Manila, she'd tried to get me to join her for a class.   Over a year later, I finally signed up for the 30 day special at Bikram Yoga NYC (  $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga.  A single class is usually $23, so this seemed like an amazing deal!

Before my first class, I even toyed with the idea of trying the 30 day challenge. Do a class a day for 30 days and you get your name written on their wall, a free week of class, 2 free guest passes, a T-shirt and 10% off your purchase of a program or yoga gear.  

My first class was harder than I thought possible.  They advise you not to eat 2 hours before the class. I drank plenty of water, ate my Jenny Craig lunch 3 hours before class, got there 30 minutes early but I couldn't last.  I was dizzy, nauseous, and I ended up being sick twice during class.   Oddly enough, I still felt better after having tried it.  

So two weeks later, I've learned to eat much less before class, manage the heat better, and  battle dizziness and nausea. I feel slimmer, fitter and stronger.  

I had a three day streak of skipping class, sleeping late,  and eating far too much again.  I tried to break it yesterday with the afternoon class and couldn't keep up.  I'm getting ready for another class today - hoping to do better.

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