Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm posting from the Gold Coast of Chicago today. Randy and I are here for his friend's wedding. We got in yesterday afternoon and used their subway, the "el", to get into town. It was easy to navigate, $14 for the unlimited 3 day pass (versus $2.25/ride with $0.25 transfer within a 2 hr period), and unbelievably clean. We've only been here a day, but everything I've seen is clean. There are open spaces. The city doesn't have that pervasive NYC summer smell.

We're debating whether to go to Oak Park with Frank Lloyd Wright's office and house or the new wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. Today is our one free day, but we'll be here until Sunday.

If you have any recommendations of places to see, buildings to see, or unusual bookstores, or anything at all, please send me a quick note at gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment.

If you're thinking of coming to Chicago, you might want to consider AT Home Inn Chicago instead of a hotel. We have a very clean and well organized studio with a well furnished kitchenette. I'm gulping down a hot cup of decaf as my husband is eager to seize the day - or as my mother and Randy like to say, "Sayang ang araw" (which means "don't waste the day". He's back after a run. Meanwhile, I've just reread my favorite parts of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Review to follow.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. The Art Institute is not to be missed, and so close to downtown! The Field Museum of Natural Science is also worth seeing. Lucy the T-Rex is there. The Chicago Public Library downtown is an historic building too. Have fun whatever you do!

  2. OMG! You're only an hour and a half away!!! Why didn't you say something? I so would've played hooky & taken the train down or something!

    I LOVE the Art Institute. And Navy Pier. And tonight the Grant Park symphony is performing Mahler's 9th at Millenium Park. My friend Peter plays cello with them.

    & "sayang" in Malay means dearest, or love. =)

  3. Make sure you see the Magnificent Mile shops, take an architectural boat ride where you see all the awesome buildings Chicago has to offer, go to the new clear observation deck at the Sears Tower and look down! Our museums are fantastic, Navy Pier is a blast - take the ferris wheel ride at night to get a great view of the lakefront and EAT EAT EAT at our awesome restaurants - a culinary delight. Enjoy your trip to our beautiful city - I've traveled extensively and may be biased since I live near Chicago but Chicago is the cleanest and prettiest of the big cities I've been to.

  4. Hi Gaby.

    Have drinks at the John Hancock tower. They also have a good lunch buffet where you and Randy can have a nice meal and enjoy the view.

    I love Chicago! I'm sure you guys will have a blast.