Friday, September 4, 2009

NY Reads

Today's NY Times has an interesting piece on how New Yorkers read on the subway.

I almost never ride without a book, and reading on the subway gives a distinct pleasure. The train moves slow enough that you're never dizzy (unlike when I read on the $15 Chinatown bus to Boston), it gives me a chance to zone out, stave off boredom, and ignore others on the train. It's fun to see what other people are reading, too. I hadn't thought that this would be something unique to NYC though. Do you read when you commute? On your way to work? I love paperbacks that are easy and light to carry. Do you own a Kindle?

Words on Rails
Ruth Fremson/The New York Times
Published: 20090906
Most of New York’s subway system is still devoid of Internet access, so many riders look to the printed word. What they read is as varied as the riders themselves.

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  1. The morning commute is probably my favorite part of the day! I get a good 30 min to read and pretend like I'm in a rocket ship. Hence, I hate being interrupted by the singers looking for handouts...

    You know, I have been seeing more and more Kindles on the subway and I am seriously tempted to join the club. Although I am told they are more for newspapers than books, given the skewed pricing.