Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Winners - Friends Like These by Danny Wallace

Friends Like These by Danny Wallance
I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners and thank you so much for sharing anecdotes of friendship. I wish that I could award each of the participants a copy of the book. I tried to balance out the winners, selecting based in part by the stories and trying to select people that haven't won lately.
Amanda said, "My best friend from high school and I lost touch when he went to Iraq. I couldn't find his email address forever, but one day I logged into an old email account, started to type in another email address--and his popped up. It was saved somehow. I found out that he was okay, heading off to afghanistan, and married."
nfmgirl said:
"I met my best friend Sami in the second grade at the bus stop. Sami was the new girl at the bus stop with her little sister Amy, and at one point Sami *kicked* Amy! I was infuriated and yelled at her for it, and she told me she could do it if she wanted! Well, we had a rocky start, but that was the beginning of a 30-year on again/off again relationship. In my twenties, I found myself living in WA state. Sami and I hadn't communicated in probably about 8-10 years, since soon after the birth of her daughter. I was about 27 and had recently gotten my first computer. I was learning all about websites like 411 that would allow you to look up and locate people. I started searching for some people that I'd lost contact with over the years, and lo and behold I found Sami again, living in some unexpected place like Alabama or South Dakota. We got back in touch and caught up. Both of us had moved several times since we had last spoken, and she'd had a second child, and her husband had joined the Army. Throughout the years, life has periodically separated us, but when we find one another again we fall right back into our friendship. Last that I saw or spoke with her was about 6 years ago, and she was preparing to move to Germany. I found on the web that they either have moved back to the US or are preparing to move back. So I've had plans of trying to locate her once again. She is the one friend that I hope to keep in my life to some degree until the end."
Cabadov said:
"Yes, there's something about getting older and trying to recapture your routes. There are a lot of old friends I've reconnected with, thanks to the Internet. When expecting my third child I wrote an online blog/journal covering the journey for my distant family to read. An old high school friend did a search and found. She then got my number and left me a message. When listening to it and rewinding it to hear her phone number, my son deleted the message. It took some online research but I finally found a few numbers and just called them until I found her. Now we keep in touch through e-mail and it's like no time at all has passed. Funny."
Andie.v107 said, "Last summer, my best friend unexpectedly moved out of the country without even telling me; I found out she had left while on the phone with another friend of ours. I didn't hear from her for months which was so odd since we used to talk almost everyday before she left. Then on my birthday, out of the blue she calls me while I was in class to wish me well; that phone call made my day it was so great to have her back in my life. Since then, we have been able to be much better about keeping in touch, we email regularly and skype at least once a week. "
Pam said:
"My roommate from university and I lost contact after graduation - she'd moved out west and I moved around a bit. I often wondered where she was and what she was up to and tried looking her up on facebook a couple of times but never had any luck. Then last fall, my mom (a retired teacher) went to some luncheon for retired teachers and ended up sitting beside Heather's mom. Heather's mom recognized my mom's name and asked her if she was in fact my mother. They started talking about us and it turned out that Heather and her family had recently moved back to the area. My mom gave her mom my e-mail address and shortly thereafter Heather sent me an e-mail. Since then, we've gotten together a few times for lunch, coffee, etc. and it's been great reconnecting. Our sons are fairly close in age so we want to get together as families this summer too."
Congratulations! Please send me your mailing address by 6 pm on Thursday. Thanks so much for participating!
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