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Book Blog Tour of Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek: Voyager: Unworthy

The blurb:
Freed with a thought, the greatest menace to humanity, the Borg, are gone, absorbed into the Caeliar gestalt. But are they? Can this deadly menace that has hovered over humanity for decades be truly gone? Might some shadow of the Caeliar remain? The Federation decides that they have to know, and Starfleet is ordered to find out.

The Starship Voyager leads a fleet into a region of space that has lived in fear of instant annihilation for generations: the Delta quadrant, home of the Borg. Afsarah Eden - the new captain of Voyager - is charged with getting answers, to reach out to possible allies and resolve old enmities in the Delta quadrant.

The perfection that was given to the Borg was withheld from Seven of Nine. Left behind, she is living a twilight existence - neither Borg nor human - and slowly going mad. The whispers of the Collective, comforting murmurs she has always known, are replaced with a voice deep withinher that keeps insisting she is Annika Hansen. Chakotay, the former captain of Voyager, offers to help Seven rendezvous with the ships that Starfleet Command has sent into the Delta quadrant, the probable destination of the mysterious Caeliar.

These are not the friendly stars of the Federation; the unknown and the unexpected are the everyday.

Unworthy is the latest in the Star Trek Voyager series. While I am not that familiar with the Star Trek Voyager novels, I've enjoyed watching Star Trek on TV. This latest installment, Unworthy, smoothly portrays the Voyager characters and introduces the new captain of the Starship Voyager, Afsarah Eden. Kirsten Beyer includes enough background that new readers can reasonably follow the story, although I felt that I would have benefited by having read the earlier book.

The characters' internal conflicts and the tension between crew members interesting and helped move the story along. I was most interested in the women portrayed in Unworthy. Captain Afsarah Eden, Lieutenant Nancy Conlon, B'Elanna Torres as a civilian, and even Seven (Annika) were well developed and nuanced personalities whose issues and conflicts drew me in. Overall, Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy was an enjoyable read - although while reading it, you are aware that it is only part of the larger Star Trek Voyager series.

Publisher: Star Trek (September 29, 2009), 384 pages.
A review copy was provided by the publisher.

About the Author, courtesy of Amazon:
Kirsten Beyer is the author of Star Trek:Voyage-- String Theory: Fusion, the APO novel Alias--Once Lost, and contributed the short story "Isabo's Shirt" to the Distant Shores Anthology. In 2006 Kirsten appeared at Hollywood's Unknown Theater in their productions of Johnson over Jordan, This Old Planet , and Harold Pinter's The Hothouse, which the L.A. Times called "unmissable." She also appeared in the Geffen Playhouse's world premiere of Quills and has been seen on General Hospital, Passions, and the indie feature Stomping Grounds. She has also been featured in several commercials.

A huge thank you to Sarah and Pocket Books for this review opportunity!

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