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Book Review of My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing Journey into Love Everlasting

My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing Journey into Love Everlasting
The blurb:
Darcy is more deeply in love with his wife than ever. As the golden summer draws to a close, and the Darcys look ahead to the end of their first year of marriage, Mr. Darcy could never have imagined his life could grow even deeper with the passage of time...

Lizzie is full of surprises...Elizabeth is unpredictable and lively, pulling Darcy out of his stern and serious demeanor with her teasing and temptation. Looking ahead and planning for celebrations and life events large and small, Lizzy can still catch Darcy unawares when he least expects it...

But surprising events force the Darcys to weather absence and illness, and to discover whether they can find a way to build a bond of everlasting love and desire...

If you enjoy novels that extrapolate on the love story of Lizzie Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy and Sharon Lathan's books, My Dearest Mr. Darcy will surely entertain.

I enjoyed this the most because in My Dearest Mr. Darcy, Lathan tells the story partly from Dr. George Darcy's point of view. Dr. George Darcy is Fitzwilliam's uncle who lived and worked in India for years and as he writes to Jharna, his love, about his impressions of England and his family during this first visit in decades, Dr. Darcy brings a lively and interesting perspective. I enjoyed reading Dr. Darcy's observations of how Fitzwilliam Darcy had changed and his view on the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy.

I don't want to give anything away, but the other passages that I enjoyed involved (1) a snob who is finally put in her place and is made speechless and (2) the comeuppance of a lady who oversteps.

If you want a quiet escape into the period and people of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, you may want to give My Dearest Mr. Darcy a try.

I think that this winter weather has got me antsy, I'm ready to dive into something actionpacked next!

ISBN-10: 1402217420 - Trade Paperback $14.99
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark; 1st edition (January 1, 2010), 352 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

Thank you to Danielle and SourceBooks for this review opportunity!

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  1. I have never read any of the P&P continuations but this sounds interesting - thanks for the review!