Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Holey Donuts contest for 4 free boxes of low fat treats & $250!

I must have mentioned Holey Donuts a few months back because the idea of low fat and low calorie donuts and cinnamon buns definitely caught my attention.

I've since tried quite a few of their treats, and they certainly don't taste like under 150 calories a piece!

Holey Donuts is having a special contest for February and they're giving away 4 free boxes of donuts and $250 store credit!

Interested? Head over to the Holey Donuts website to sign up. Here's how to enter the contest:
1. Go to the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right side of their webpage. It's a small link near the legal disclosure section.
2. In the subject line write in Contest and my blog's name Starting Fresh
3. Then in the message area, write out your name, address and phone number.


4. Join their mailing list. They send out weekly specials and discount codes through their mailing list!

If you win, they'll send you an email asking which donuts, donut holes or cinnamon bun selections you'd like.

NBC News 4 KRNV: Indulging Without Bulging!
"They're making these delicious gourmet donuts, like cinnamon apple and toasted coconut....and they also sell humongous delicious cinnamon rolls!"

CNBC: The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch: Finding Hidden Millions
"This is a good donut, a really good donut." - Donny Deutsch

Skinny Scoopers: Dreaming of Smaller Buns? New 100 Calories Low-Fat Cinnamon Bun Middles!
"HD's Low Fat Cinnamon Bun Middles are coated with a CRAZY good glaze, then drizzled with yummy white frosting. No phony fillers here either, just sumptuous cinnamon that smells & tastes like Heaven!"

QVC: New Year, Whole You: Eating Smart New Year's Day Special

See our record breaking appearance on QVC (you can also order a special assortment at a greatly discounted price as well as saving on shipping!).

"mmmmm, I'm telling you, that's amazing!!" - Mary Beth Roe

Men's Health: A Low Fat Donut?
" Holey Donuts! Not a bad way to fix up your sweet tooth!"

Glamour: Afternoon Snack: Low-Fat, Low-Cal Donuts
"After all--could a low-fat, low-cal donut really be any good?
I'm here to tell you yes--yes, yes, yes! I recently tried Holey Donuts and I can tell you they're beyond delicious."

Family Circle: Holey Delicious Donuts

"One morning last week, I announced to the other editors that I had low-cal donuts at my desk. It was practically a stampede! They were an instant hit. Holey Donuts!"

Daily Candy!: Holey Roller

"Boston cream, coconut cream pie, apple caramel, and strawberry shortcake or traditional donuts in varieties such as classic vanilla, marble frosted, or dolce latte. And the gourmet cinnamon buns will answer your stomach’s prayers."

Daily Candy Winner! "Best taste of 2007"

The readers of Daily Candy from every city voted Holey Donuts! The Best taste of 2007!

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