Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Barnes & Noble's First Look Book Club is open for registration

Barnes & Noble is distributing e-books for this First Look Book Club. The new selection is The Writing Circle by Corrine Demas which is coming out in July 2010.

About the Book:

When Nancy, whose most recently published work is a medical newsletter, is asked to join a writing group made up of the local literati, she accepts, warily. She’s not at all certain that her novel is good enough for the company she’ll be keeping. But Nancy soon finds herself as caught up in the group’s personal lives as she is with their writing.

They call themselves The Leopardi Circle. There’s Gillian, a beautiful, scheming, world-famous poet; Bernard, a pompous but lovable biographer; Virginia, a respected historian and the peacemaker of the group, who is also Bernard’s ex-wife; Chris, a divorced father and successful thriller writer; and Adam, the youngest of the group, an aspiring novelist who is infatuated with Gillian.

Through their complicated relationships, these eccentric characters share their families, their beds, and their histories.

About the Author:
Corinne Demas is the author of Eleven Stories High, a memoir of growing up in Stuyvesant Town, and the short story collection What We Save For Last. Corinne has also written many books for children, including Saying Goodbye To Lulu. She has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship as well as the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, and has won The Lawrence Foundation Prize for best story to appear in the Michigan Quarterly Review. In addition to writing, she is a Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College and is the Fiction Editor of the Massachusetts Review. She lives in MA and spends her summers on Cape Cod.

Registration began yesterday and is currently ongoing. It's the first time Barnes & Noble sending e-books instead of regular books.


  1. Definitely sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Awesome - I just signed up! Thanks for the heads up! This one sounds great!