Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Review of Laura Kinsale's Uncertain Magic

Uncertain Magic
The blurb:
A man damned by suspicion and innuendo. Dreadful rumors swirl around the impoverished Irish lord known as the "Devil Earl."  But Faelan Savigar hides a dark secret for even he doesn't know what dreadful deeds he may be capable of. . .

A woman cursed by the gift of "sight" Roderica Delamore fears no man will ever want a wife who can read his every thought and emotion, until she encounters Faelan.  As the two find their way to each other against all odds, Roddy becomes determined to save Faelan from his terrifying and mysterious ailment.  But will their lover end up saving him...or destroying her?

Uncertain Magic is a fun regency romance with a full complement of villains. The romantic lead, Faelan Savigar, the "Devil Earl," has a dangerous reputation and dark moods.  While his reputation would lead most women to avoid him, Roderica Delamore isn't like most other women. She has a gift of being able to see what is actually there - she isn't tempted away or fooled by the fae.  Somehow she sees the good in the Devil Earl and she's able to draw out his better nature.

Not everyone is happy for the two lovers.  They come across danger and opposition soon enough.  When Roderica and the Earl try to stand true to each other and their love,  it seems like everything will work against them.

Uncertain Magic is a lovely historical romance -- full of ups and downs,  excitement and romance.  It's the sort of historical romance that's perfect for a lazy day in the park or a rainy day at home.

ISBN-10: 1402237022 - Mass Market Paperback $7.99
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (May 4, 2010), 385 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author, courtesy of Amazon:

Laura Kinsale is a New York Times bestselling author and both winner and multiple nominee for the Best Book of the Year award given by the Romance Writers of America. Her novel Flowers from the Storm was chosen by readers of Glamour Magazine and the Washington Post as one of the Greatest Love Stories of All Time.

Laura believes that a romance novel can be more. More fascinating characters than you ever anticipated. More unexpected depth. Emotion to engage your heart and your mind. Stories that keep you awake and words you will remember long after you close the book.

Whenever readers list their "Desert Isle Keepers," the books they couldn't live without, Laura Kinsale's award-winning historical romances are included near the top.

Thank you so much to Laura Kinsale, Danielle, and SourceBooks for this review opportunity!

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