Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Giveaway of David Rosenfelt's New Tricks

Valerie and Grand Central Publishing (Hatchette Book Group) are sponsoring this giveaway of David Rosenfelt's New Tricks.  It's latest adventure with Attorney Andy Carpenter

New Tricks
The blurb:
Attorney Andy Carpenter is about to represent an adorable Bernese mountain dog puppy, whose owner was brutally murdered, in a custody fight.  Few can rival Andy's affection for dogs, and he's determined to keep Waggy from falling into the wrong hands.  But this playful pup possesses a valuable secret that some peopel will resort to violence to obtain.  It will take more than Andy's usual courtroom theatrics to save Waggy, including help from the lawyer's golden retriever, Tara.  Andy soon discovers that everyone around him is in danger, including his longtime girlfriend, Laurie -- and only some high-risk new tricks will save those he cherishes most.

About the Author, in David Rosenfelt's own words (they're far wittier than mine!):

I am a novelist with 27 dogs.

I have gotten to this dubious position with absolutely no planning, and at no stage in my life could I have predicted it. But here I am.

My childhood was relentlessly normal. The middle of three brothers, loving parents, a middle-class home in Paterson, New Jersey. We played sports, studied sporadically. laughed around the dinner table, and generally had a good time. By comparison, "Ozzie and Harriet's" clan seemed bizarre.

I graduated NYU, then decided to go into the movie business. I was stunningly brilliant at a job interview with my uncle, who was President of United Artists, and was immediately hired.  It set me off on a climb up the executive ladder, culminating in my becoming President of Marketing for Tri-Star Pictures. The movie landscape is filled with the movies I buried; for every "Rambo", "The Natural" and "Rocky", there are countless disasters.

I did manage to find the time to marry and have two children, both of whom are doing very well, and fortunately neither have inherited my eccentricities.

A number of years ago, I left the movie marketing business, to the sustained applause of hundreds of disgruntled producers and directors. I decided to try my hand at writing. I wrote and sold a bunch of feature films, none of which ever came close to being actually filmed, and then a bunch of TV movies, some of which actually made it to the small screen. It's safe to say that their impact on the American cultural scene has been minimal.

About fourteen years ago, my wife and I started the Tara Foundation, named in honor of the greatest Golden Retriever the world has ever known. We rescued almost 4,000 dogs, many of them Goldens, and found them loving homes. Our own home quickly became a sanctuary for those dogs that we rescued that were too old or sickly to be wanted by others. They surround me as I write this. It's total lunacy, but it works, and they are a happy, safe group.

Visit David Rosenfelt's website for more information.

To enter,  tell us about your favorite detectives.  And tell us if you prefer cozies to thrillers.

1. Please include your email address, so that I can contact you if you win. No email address, no entry.
2. You must be a follower to join the contest.
3. One entry per household.

The contest is limited to US and Canada only. No P.O. boxes. The contest ends at noon on August 15, 30, 2010.

Thank you so much to Valerie and Hatchette Book Group for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. I am a follower. I love watching the Law Order series. I love Special Victims Unit and the original Law and Order. Please enter me in contest.

  2. I loved Miss Marple & her mysteries. I like both cozies & thrillers. And I follow you on my yahoo home page.

  3. I am a GFC follower of this blog.
    Also a big dog lover, I love,love cozies so I know this has got to be a fun book.

  4. Google follower! Still like Monk! Cozies!


  5. My favorite detectives used to be the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew as they were the ones who really got me started into reading. I am pretty sure that I have read all of their books. I do like the new detectives Rizzoli & Isles on TNT. I am a follower, and I prefer the thrillers.

    Thank you,


  6. My favorite detective is Matlock! I used to watch it with my Mom growing up!

    I prefer cozies!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com