Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giveaway of The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley

The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War

Hatchette and Back Bay Books are generously sponsoring a giveaway of 3 copies of James Bradley's The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War.  

Does the book sound interesting?  Read  my review of The Imperial Cruise below.  To enter the giveaway,  comment on my review.  Please mention why you'd like to read the book and your email address so that I can reach you if you win. 

The contest is limited to US and Canada only.  One winner per household.  The contest ends at noon on December 31, 2010.


  1. I have so been wanting to read this book ever since I first heard about it as I love reading about history. This really hit home when I was selected as a Japan Memorial Fund Fulbright Scholar, and I visited with another teacher while in Japan. He was the only person who was hostile to me the entire three weeks that I was there. He felt that American schools were not teaching about peace in our schools. All that we ever studied was about wars according to him. I had to take a deep breath and hold my tongue as I was a guest in his country. I said as politely as I could that I strongly disagreed with him. The Imperial Cruise was an important part of history that most people are not aware of.

    Thank you,


  2. Christine - am so glad. Please do comment under the review, it's just that is where I've set up the giveaway. Sorry for the inconvenience.