Monday, January 10, 2011

For Condos & Coops in NYC, it's annual notice time

New York City Apartment Management Checklist, 2007

I'm on the board of our self-managed condo in Brooklyn and one of the first things that our lawyers suggested was that the board invest in Apartment Management Checklist.  We have the 2008 version which came with a CD with the various forms that you need, a summary of the various inspections, notices, and requirements that need to be complied with set forth by month.  

We're getting our annual notices ready to distribute by the January 15 deadline - the Lead Paint Notice, Window Guard Notice and the Fire Safety Plan.   Some of these forms can be downloaded from the website.    If you need any of these forms, shoot me an email.

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  1. Dear Gaby,

    This is Connie. Where do I get the Apartment Management Checklist? We need one for our coop too. Enjoy your time with your niece, Sophie! Thanks for your Christmas call! That's so sweet of you guys! Please call when you come back to NY. Love and hugs to you and Randy. Cheers Buddy and Connie