Friday, January 7, 2011

Shopping at CSN Stores - from modern dining furniture to handy travel items

Various bloggers have featured CSN Stores for a wide variety of products.   I'd been communicating with CSN Stores to find something that would work well for my Brooklyn condo.  I spent quite a lot of time on their various stores, as they have a wide variety of items from modern dining room furniture to kitchen appliances to handy travel items.  Almost anything that you need or would look for in a big box store, you can find in one of their many stores.

I'd looked into items for my home office,  for my balcony garden, for our kitchen and to decorate our condo.   But procrastinator that I am, I've settled on travel items -- I'm heading for a long trip overseas to visit family and I figure a travel scale will come in handy.

Now that airlines have become strict with baggage allowance and impose whopping "overweight" luggage fees,  I figure a travel scale will help me from having to shift items from one bag to another  or from worrying about paying penalties for my luggage.  CSN has offered me a $15 gift certificate to use at any of their stores. 

I'm choosing between this cheery Heys USA eScale Digital Luggage Scale for $20.99.  It weighs 0.41 lbs and has dimensions of 2.5" H x 6" W x 1.75" D.

Another option is an old fashioned style, the Lewis N Clark Luggage Scale with Weight Indicator which sells at $12.99

The third choice is the Travelon Luggage Scale for $12.99

 A. Heys USA eScale

eScale Digital Luggage Scale in Blue

B. Lewis N Clark
Lewis N. Clark Luggage Scale with Weight Indicator

C. Travelon Luggage Scale
Luggage Scale

Have you used a travel scale?  Which one would you recommend? 

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