Monday, March 14, 2011

In Office Hours by Lucy Kellaway

In Office Hours

The blurb:
With a sharp sense of humor and brutal honesty, Lucy Kellaway’s In Office Hours examines two women’s office romances -- and all the good and bad that comes with them.  
In Office Hours is the story of Stella and Bella, two intelligent working women who each fall for impossible lovers -- at work.  Kellaway’s keen observations on the way in which affairs move from state to state are a sort of master class in office love, bringing to life both the excitement and illicit romance and the ridiculousness of business behavior and language with a cutting sense of humor.
In Office Hours is intelligent, funny, moving, and agonizing, but it’s also painfully recognizable for any woman who has ever worked in an office or ever been in love.  Kellaway hits a real nerve with her depictions of how we get into the emotional messes that we do and how very difficult it is to get out again.
In Office Hours gives us the humor and lightness of women’s fiction in the context of office romances.   Lucy Kellaway captures the complexity and difficulty of the carrying on a love affair at work with sensitivity and wit.   Whether women are dating someone significantly more powerful or considerably junior - these love affairs carry huge risks.  
In Office Hours, Lucy Kellaway gives us an intelligent and funny approach to love and its resulting heartbreak.

ISBN-10: 0446565695 - Hardcover $24
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (February 7, 2011), 336 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.
About the Author:
Lucy Kellaway is the management columnist at the Financial Times.  She also writes a weekly management column for The Irish Times.  In addition, she has worked as energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent, and interviewer of business people and celebrities, all with the Financial Times.  She has become well known for her pointed commentaries on the limitations of modern corporate culture.  At the 2006 British Press Awards she was named Columnist of the Year.

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