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The Bishop by Steven James

The Bishop (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 4)

The Bishop (The Patrick Bowers Files, Book 4) by Steven James

The blurb:
FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers's cutting-edge geospatial investigative investigative techniques and impeccable logic have helped him track some of the country's most grisly killers.  But those skills are about to be pushed to the limit.

A young woman is found brutally murdered in Washington D.C. as her killers conduct a spree of perfect crimes in the Northeast. With nothing to link the crimes to each other, Agent Bowers faces his most difficult case yet--even as his personal life begins to crumble around him.

Known for his intricately woven, masterfully plotted novels of high-octane action and spine-tingling suspense, Steven James delivers once again.  The Bishop is a gripping, adrenaline-laced story that dives deep into the question of what makes us human.  Strap on your next belt and get ready for a wild ride.  The game is on.

I discovered Steven James's writing through ThrillerFest 2010.  A friend swears by his books and I was excited to meet him and glad for the chance to review his latest book, The Bishop.  

James' lead detective is very much a hero.  He has extraordinary skills, exceptional intellect, a sense of humor, a good heart - and is not so smart at love.  He is drawn to beautiful, driven women but gets into these tricky situations as he tries to see "how things go." He has a stepdaughter whose intelligence and logic surpasses most adults and she adds a certain something to the narrative as well.

The crimes, crime scenes and detective aspects of the novel are carefully crafted and keep you in suspense.  It's the characters and their interaction that made me want to read the others in the series.   FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers is one of those lead characters that you grow to care for. I intend to find out more about him. 

ISBN-10: 0800733029 - Paperback
Publisher: Revell (July 1, 2010), 523 pages.
Review copy provided by the author and publisher.

About the Author:
Critically acclaimed author Steven James has written more than twenty books, including the bestselling thriller series The Bower Files.  One of the nation's most innovative storytellers, Steven developed his skill as a performer at East Tennessee State University (MA in storytelling).  He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three daughters.

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