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Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

The blurb:
Enter the enchanting world of the Carpathians, where dark adventure, mystery, and love await and the desires of two daring hearts unite in one irresistible pattern.

A telepathic hunter of serial killers, Raven Whitney helps to catch some of the most depraved criminals.  But her work keeps her from getting close to others, and has drained her body and spirit.  In need of rest and rejuvenation, she embarks for a vacation far from home.

Mikhail Dubrinsky is the prince of the Carpathians, the powerful leader of a wise and secret ancient race that thrives in the night.  Engulfed by despair, fearful of never finding the mate who can save him from the encroaching darkness, his soul cries out in loneliness--until the day that a beautiful voice full of light and love responds, softly soothing his pain and yearning.

From the moment that they meet Raven and Mikhail are helpless to resist the desire that sparks between them.  But just as fate unexpectedly brings these life mates together, malevolent forces threaten to destroy them and their fragile love.  Yet even if they survive, how can theses two lovers -- Carpathian and human -- build a future together?  And how can Mikhail bring Raven into his  dark world without extinguishing her beautiful goodness and light?

The Carpathians are a unique race, similar to vampires but more complex.  Not only are Carpathians monogamous but they only fall in love once.  The male Carpathians grow darker and more cruel over time because of their violent existence. Not only do they feed on blood but they hunt down those of their race that have "turned" and have become ruthless killers.  The one thing that keeps a Carpathian male from darkness is falling in love.   Those that do not fall in love slowly see the world in darker and darker terms.  When the male finds his life mate, the world grows more colorful -- he literally sees in color again -- and is happier, content.  

We see the physical effects of love when Mikhael meets Raven.  Their love story is particularly well done - rather explicit but tasteful.   Mikhael and Raven are sympathetic lead characters and draw you in.  I found myself engrossed with their love story and the suspense.  After all, Mikhael and the Carpathians face deadly killers while Raven is able to sense and hear the Carpathians and the hunters.  Mikhael tries to behave decently - struggling against incredible difficulty and odds - and it's his courage and integrity that inspire loyalty and devotion from the Carpathians and the villagers.  Raven's willingness to take on others' suffering makes her a good match for Mikhael.  Her inherent goodness and empathy give Mikhael and the Carpathians hope - she represents a new beginning, a possible future for the race. 

I very much enjoyed Dark Prince.  The story of the Carpathians is complex and fascinating while the danger that the race adds suspense.  The best part is the love story between Mikhael and Raven. Overall, Dark Prince is an engrossing, satisfying read!

ISBN-10: 9780062009623 - Hardcover $19.99
Publisher: William Morrow; Special edition (March 8, 2011), 496 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author:
Number one New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has had more than 40 novels published, including four series that have hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list.  She is pleased to have made it on to numerous other bestseller lists, as well, including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Washington Post, B.Dalton, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walden books, Ingram, Borders, Rhapsody Book Club, and Walmart.  In addition to being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award, she has received many honors throughout her career, including a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and the Borders 200 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  1. This is such a great paranormal series. It's one of the first I read all the way through. Mikhael is one of my favorite characters and I can't wait to read this special edition with it's extra pages. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for stopping by ChrisS. I've heard that this special edition is particularly good. I'm now tempted to read the others in the series - certainly want to know what happens next. : )