Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strong at the Break: A Caitlin Strong Novel by Jon Land

Today's the release date of the 3rd in Jon Land's Caitlin Strong series!

Strong at the Break: A Caitlin Strong Novel
Strong at the Break: A Caitlin Strong Novel by Jon Land

Caitlin Strong is a 5th generation Texas Ranger and the granddaughter of Earl Strong, a Texas legend.  While a woman Texas Ranger is rare and unorthodox, Caitlin's  sense of justice, amazing skill with a gun, and her unwillingness to be deterred make clear that she's a Texas Ranger - and one of the best there is.  To those familiar with her family, her skill and courage are not a surprise.  With each generation, the Strongs developed a reputation of excellence and fearlessness among lawmen and gunmen alike. 

In this third and action-packed thriller, Jon Land shares more details of the Strong family history.   Strong at the Break opens on a rare afternoon that Jim Strong and his 13-year old daughter have set aside for fishing.   But a stakeout precedes the fishing and Caitlin has spent enough time with her grandfather Earl Strong to know that the stakeout will have to come first.  It's at a religious retreat led by a fringe preacher Arno who is surrounded by bodyguards.  When Arno emerges with his young son and bodyguards, Jim instructs Caitlin to stay safe in the car and walks over to confront Arno alone.  

Years later, Caitlin faces Arno's son Malcolm  as he leads a militia movement that threatens to unleash chaos and destruction across the country.  But a fringe paramilitary movement isn't all that Caitlin is trying to subdue.  She finds herself investigating a large drug smuggling operation at the US-Canada border. 

Strong at the Break also brings back Cort Wesley Masters, the notorious gunman and Caitlin's love interest.  Cort's young son has been kidnapped and the trail somehow leads back to Malcolm Arno's group.  

In the third Caitlin Strong book, Jon Land delivers a fast-paced, action-packed and thoroughly satisfying adventure!  I've always liked how Caitlin Strong never shirks from doing the right thing.  I enjoy worrying about her and wincing as she jumps into dangerous situations (professionally and in her romantic life with Cort Wesley Masters).  This time, in Strong at the Break, we also learn more about her childhood growing up with the legendary rangers Earl Strong and Jim Strong which adds to the complexity and fun of this latest Jon Land work.  If you're looking for a thriller with a heart - and a thoroughly satisfying read - pick up Strong at the Break

ISBN-10: 0765323370 - Hardcover $25.99
Publisher: Forge Books; First Edition edition (June 21, 2011), 352 pages.
Review copy courtesy of the publisher.

About the Author:
Jon Land is the acclaimed author of numerous bestsellers, including Strong Enough to Die, Strong Justice and The Seven Sins.  Land lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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