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I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk

I Heart New York: A Novel
I Heart New York: A Novel by Lindsey Kelk

The blurb:
Fleeing London and her cheating boyfriend, Angela Clarke hops on a plane to New York and rediscovers her sexy, stylish, confident self while building a new life in the greatest city in the world.

It's official.  Angela Clarke is in love -- with the most fabulous city in the world.  When Angela catches her boyfriend with another woman at her best friend's wedding, she's heartbroken and desperate to run away.  (Especially once she's confronted the bride and inadvertently broken the groom's hand, in front of the entire reception!)  Fleeing the messy situation and clutching little more than a crumpled bridesmaid's dress, a pair of Louboutins, and her passport, Angela jumps on a plane, destination -- NYC.

Holed up in a cute hotel room, Angela makes friends with a benevolent concierge, Jenny, a chatterbox Oprah-wannabe with room for a new best friend.  After a New York makeover, some serious retail therapy, and a whirlwind tour of the city, before she knows it, Angela is dating two sexy guys.  And best of all, she's gotten her big break as a writer -- blogging about her New York escapades for a real fashion magazine.  But while it's one thing telling readers about your romantic dilemmas, it's another figuring them out for yourself!  Angela has fallen head over heels for the Big Apple, but does she heart New York more than home?

Looking for a fun, light read that celebrates NYC?  I Heart New York fills the bill perfectly.  Suspend disbelief and join Angela Clarke as she leaves her boyfriend of 10 years after discovering him with someone else.  Angela comes to NYC with no hotel reservations, friends or plan, but she has amazing luck.  As she tells Jenny, the concierge, her story,  she makes a friend.  And Jenny helps Angela find her bearings in the city.  A New York City makeover and thousands of dollars later, Angela draws the attention of a generous and charming Wall Street banker and a hot musician.   As Angela juggles the two men, she snags a writing job. 

It's fun to imagine a life like Angela's where everything somehow comes together.  Reading the book makes me want visit Angela's New York, to explore the New York outside my doorstep. 

ISBN-10: 0062004352 - Paperback $13.99
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks; Original edition (September 7, 2010), 320 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author:
Lindsey Kelk
is a writer and children's book editor in New York City.  When she isn't writing, reading, or watching more TV than is healthy, Lindsey likes to wear shoes, shop for shoes, and judge the shoes of others.  I Heart New York is her first novel.  It has been folllowed by I Heart Los Angeles and I Heart Paris.

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