Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blue Print Cleanse for the New Year

I've decided to do my first cleanse in the hope that this will get me on the right track for 2012.

I'd reviewed a book about the entrepreneurs that created Blue Print Cleanse and have heard glowing reviews about their product/the feeling of accomplishment after the cleanse, I've decided to go with their beginner cleanse.  It's pretty pricey at $65/day especially since they recommend doing a 3-day cleanse to get the full experience.

New Yorkers can order with free delivery and you can qualify for a buddy discount if you have a group of 3 (10%) living at the same address or a corporate discount for a group of 8 (15% discount) or if you decide to do it at work, you can negotiate for larger discounts.  Or if you're a bride-to-be, they have a special package and discount for you.

I thought about sending an email to our condo listserve to see if anyone else wants to do this, but it struck me as too much information.  Perhaps if I decide to do this another time.  So, I've opted to pick up my juices at Union Market in Park Slope.  You can now purchase individual bottles in NY (Whole Foods, several yoga & gyms, specialty grocery stores), Boston (Exhale Boston & Exhale Battery Wharf), Connecticut (Bikram Yoga Norwalk & Elements Yoga in Darien), California, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey,  Texas, Florida, and Indiana.   Check this list for the exact locations.  I did a quick price check (because that's how I am) and Whole Foods and Union Market sell the juices at these prices: green/red/gold - $9.99; cashew milk $11.99; and spicy lemonade $6.99.

R might do this cleanse with me - although he's signed up for a race tonight (midnight).  I'll keep you posted.

Has anyone else tried these cleanses?  What did you think?  Any advice?

Happy New Year, everyone!! Hoping that we all have a healthy and prosperous year.

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