Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Win the new Jack Reacher novel! Contest ends on Friday

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A Wanted Man by Lee Child comes out on September 11, 2012.  This latest Jack Reacher novel picks up just as Worth Dying For ends.  A Wanted Man opens with Reacher hitchhiking off the interstate in Nebraska on a winter's night.  He's suffering from a broken nose, which he's patched up with silver duct tape.  He's ragged and unkempt, likely needs a bath and a change of clothes soon.  At 6'5" Reacher isn't the sort of hitchhiker that most of us would stop for.  But after an hour and a half, a blue sedan finally stops for Reacher.   It's in this enclosed space with two men and a young woman that Reacher faces his next adventure.  
ISBN-10: 0385344333 - Hardcover $28.00
Publisher: Delacorte Press (September 11, 2012), 416 pages.

I'll admit that I'm an avid Jack Reacher fan.  Part of what I love about the Jack Reacher novels is that while Reacher faces all sorts of different and unexpected dangers, he stays fundamentally the same.  When reading a Jack Reacher novel, I look forward to the situations that force him to use his near mythical physical strength and his exceptional powers of deduction to help those that need rescuing, to enforce his strong moral code.  A Jack Reacher novel is unlike the conventional novel where the hero undergoes a crisis, catharsis and is transformed. 

A significant amount of the action in A Wanted Man occurs in a moving car.  But somehow, Lee Child fills this drive with tension and uncertainty.  This latest installment in the Jack Reacher series combines a high level conspiracy plot, domestic and terrorist threats, and a satisfying adventure. 

Can't wait?  You can read the first three chapters on Lee Child's website. 
Thank you to Shelf Awareness and Random House for my complimentary copy of A Wanted Man.  Head over to Shelf Awareness for your chance to win A Wanted Man!

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