Monday, March 18, 2013

John Flanagan's Brotherband Chronicles - Book 2: The Invaders

John Flanagan begins The Invaders soon after Hal, Thorn, Stig, and the rest of the Heron Brotherband have left their home in search of the Raven and the pirates that made off with Skandia’s most valuable treasure of amber, the Aubermal.  Hal, Stig and the Heron Brotherband had won been the Brotherband champions for the year but they failed Skandia in allowing the treasure to be stolen while they were standing guard.  Not only was the Heron Brotherband stripped of its championship title, it was struck from the rolls and all the honors, weapons, and signs of their triumph were taken back.  The boys knew that in their town, they would always be looked down upon and despised for their failure - there was no life left for them in their old home - so they undertook to make things right and to find the pirates and return the treasure.

But seven boys and the older one handed Thorn had the odds stacked against them, even if Thorn had been the Magtik, the greatest warrior of Skandia, a record three times and Hal is a sailor, inventor, and leader of heroic proportions.

This time, Hal, Thorn, Stig and the Brotherband rescue a beautiful young girl Lydia.  Not your usual love interest, Lydia is an impressive tracker and warrior in her own right and she can take the Heron Brotherband to the pirates that they seek.  

Fortunately, Erak has sent his right hand man and a crew find the Heron Brotherband, not to bring them back in disgrace as Hal fears but to aid them in their quest to return the Aubermal to Skandia.  

While our heroes face overwhelming odds and crafty pirates, they bring their own unique strengths of innovation, hard work, creative thinking, and unswerving loyalty.  In this next book in the series, The Invaders, John Flanagan delivers an engrossing and unforgettable read.  The Brotherband Chronicles are sure to be as beloved and popular as the worldwide phenomenon The Ranger’s Apprentice series.

ISBN-10: 0399256202 - Hardcover $18.00 (Paperback release April 9. 2013)
Publisher: Philomel; First Edition edition (May 1, 2012), 432 pages.
Ages 12 and up.

About the Author:
John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer. John began writing Ranger’s Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series and its spinoff, Brotherband Chronicles. He currently lives in the suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife. In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.

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