Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Tenth Circle by Jon Land

I first read Jon Land's Caitlin Strong series, so I expected strong characters and fast paced action but I enjoyed the historical backstory which complicated the story in The Tenth Circle.

Land takes us to Virginia in 1590, British settlers return to find the colony at Roanoke Island missing. There are no survivors, no trace of their bodies or what may have happened to them. Not only is the mystery of the colony at Roanoke is somehow linked to the disappearance of crew of the Mary Celeste in 1872, but the danger that was first recorded in the 1590s continues to exist and may harm us today.

Blaine McCracken and his old comrades are brought out of retirement to take on a strange alliance of dangerous characters. We find Vietnam and Korean war veterans pitted against power hungry military and paramilitary types. Shadow ops, religious fanatics, life long loyalties all make The Tenth Circle an engrossing read. Blaine McCracken's always been brought in to solve the unsolvable and he has the same sort of confidence and disregard of all rules even as he's gotten older. We have a hero in his 60's and he's had to face aging just like everyone else, but he fights against it and somehow he has the spirit and fight to overcome men in their prime. The aging heroes give the story a certain lightness and fun.

ISBN-10: 1480414794 - Paperback $12.49
Publisher: Open Road Media E-riginal (December 17, 2013), 536 pages.
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About the Author:
Since his first book was published in 1983, Jon Land has written twenty-eight novels, seventeen of which have appeared on national bestseller lists. He began writing technothrillers before Tom Clancy put them in vogue, and his strong prose, easy characterization, and commitment to technical accuracy have made him a pillar of the genre.

Land spent his college years at Brown University, where he convinced the faculty to let him attempt writing a thriller as his senior honors thesis. Four years later, his first novel, The Doomsday Spiral, appeared in print. In the last years of the Cold War, he found a place writing chilling portrayals of threats to the United States, and of the men and women who operated undercover and outside the law to maintain U.S. security. His most successful of those novels were the nine starring Blaine McCracken, a rogue CIA agent and former Green Beret with the skills of James Bond but none of the Englishman's tact.

In 1998 Land published the first novel in his Ben and Danielle series, comprised of fast-paced thrillers whose heroes, a Detroit cop and an Israeli detective, work together to protect the Holy Land, falling in love in the process. He has written seven of these so far. The most recent, The Last Prophecy, was released in 2004. 

Recently, RT Book Reviews gave Jon a special prize for pioneering genre fiction, and his short story "Killing Time" was shortlisted for the 2010 Dagger Award for best short fiction and included in 2010's The Best American Mystery Stories. Land is currently writing Blood Strong, his fourth novel to feature Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong--a female hero in a genre which, Land has said, has too few of them. The second book in the series, Strong Justice (2010), was named a Top Thriller of the Year by Library Journal and runner-up for Best Novel of the Year by the New England Book Festival. The third, Strong at the Break, will be released this year, and the fourth, Blood Strong, will follow in 2012. His first nonfiction book, Betrayal, written with Robert Fitzpatrick, tells the behind-the-scenes story of a deputy FBI chief attempting to bring down Boston crime lord Whitey Bulger, and will also be released in 2011.

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