Friday, February 21, 2014

Starting over again - Weight Watchers Brooklyn

I went back to my neighborhood Weight Watchers today after having avoided meeting and tracking for months.  I won't bore everyone with what and why I'd "lapsed".  I had dreaded finding out just how much I'd gained but it was good to be part of the meeting, to hear other people's stories and to feel that I'm taking control over my body and fitness again.

And today's meeting was great. It was led by this young woman with an engineering background and who now does improv as well as her work at Weight Watchers and at a hospital.  There was a couple who had long been an example of how behavior modification and how the WW program works.  They had been under considerable stress with their children and their worry and the close confines of this particularly snowy winter has led to some weight gain.

There were a few of us who had been successful on the program but had strayed and we were back again for our first meeting in a while.  There's a new system now for the first 2 weeks:
"Simple Start" which is a combination of the less points oriented system with a choice of possible meals.  The skinny - heavy on the power foods regardless of volume - and a controlled amount of treats each day.  Unlike the usual program, the Simple Start allows for 9 points for treats each day but if you don't use the points, you can't carry them over to the next day.

I've been able to follow the program today and am using a new food scale to help me keep track of my food. The scale on the left is my trusted OXO scale and the one on the right is the new smaller, lighter Mira.

I'll write back about my progress - hoping that you're all staying well and warm!

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