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The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion
  • ISBN-10: 1925773825 - Paperback $16.99
  • Publisher: Text Publishing Company (May 28, 2019), 386 pages.
  • Review copy courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley.

The blurb:
Don and Rosie are about to face their most important project.
Their son, Hudson, is having trouble at school: his teachers say he isn’t fitting in with the other kids, and they'd like Don and Rosie to think about getting an autism assessment. As his parents debate whether a diagnosis might help or hinder, Hudson has his own ideas. Meanwhile, Rosie is battling Judas at work, and Don is in hot water after the Genetics Lecture Outrage. The life-contentment graph, recently at its highest point, is curving downwards.
For Don Tillman, geneticist and World’s Best Problem-Solver, learning to be a good parent as well as a good partner will require the help of friends old and new. It will mean letting Hudson make his way in the world, and grappling with awkward truths about his own identity.
And opening a cocktail bar.

Graeme Simsion's Don Tillman character is one of my all-time favorites.  The first book, The Rosie Project, had me laughing so loudly that I was getting strange looks from my husband.  I was worried that the next books would not be as good, but fortunately each of the books is a treat!
The Rosie Result is the third in the series and introduces us to Rosie and Don's son Hudson.  Hudson has many of Don's traits and their lives seem to have many parallels.  It is clear that the people around them either don't fully understand them or refuse to accept their strengths. It's a hard period for Don but even tougher for his middle school /11-year old son.  
It isn't just that there are bullies or that the teachers and administrators make mean, humiliating, degrading comments.  Don worries that the loneliness that he felt throughout his childhood and young adult life will follow his son Hudson around. It's something that Don undertakes to prevent in his usual methodical, systematic way. However, no matter how carefully prepared, Don's plans don't go as he hoped.  Fortunately, Hudson has his own strategy and strengths.  
The Rosie Result brings some of our favorite characters in tough, real situations with plenty of humor.  Don's honest and innate kindness come shining through. 

About the Author:
Graeme Simsion is a former IT consultant and the author of two nonfiction books on database design who decided, at the age of fifty, to turn his hand to fiction. His first novel, The Rosie Project, was published in 2013 and translation rights have been sold in over thirty-five languages. Graeme lives in Australia with his wife, Anne, and their two children.

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