Monday, October 6, 2008

Moving Checklist

Quick list before moving:
  1. Contact the Post Office.  If you know your move date, set up your mail forwarding about 10 days or 2 weeks before your move.  Also put mail on hold to cover the gap from your mail forwarding request to the time it begins.   Once the mail forwarding starts, the mail hold will be lifted.  The easiest way is to do all of this is online (
  2. Change the addresses on record with your banks, 401(k) funds, employer, credit cards, mutual fund companies, and insurance companies.
  3. Sell unwanted items on craigslist.
  4. Donate unwanted items to Goodwill. Don't forget the receipt to claim the tax donation.
  5. Or give away items through
  6. Return library books. Donate unwanted books to your local library.
  7. Put your and accounts on vacation hold and change your address on record.
  8. Shred confidential financial documents.
Moving Day:
  1. Notify utilities of your change of address either to terminate service or transfer service. Be sure to give them your new address so they can send checks to cover the balance owed to you.
  2. Have cash for movers.
  3. Carry your valuables, important papers, checks, etc. 
  4. Take pictures of your apartment as you're moving out to be able to prove that you left the apartment in good condition and claim your security deposit.  
Soon after moving: 
  1. Return the cable box and modem, etc. to your old provider to claim your deposit.
  2. Change your email signature to reflect your new address and phone number.
  3. Notify contacts of your new address and phone number.
  4. Inform the DMV of your new address.  You can do this in person, over the phone (NYC residents call (212) 645-5550 or (718) 966-6155 from 8 am to 4 pm) or by mail using the form MV-232 (
  5. If you're in the US on a visa, file the required documentation to immigration authorities notifying them of your new address within 10 days of the move.  
  6. If you're a NY State attorney, you have to notify the Attorney Registration Unit of Office of Court Administration, either by email ( or by fax (212) 428-2804 or by mail to OCA - Attorney Registration, P.O. Box 2806, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008.  Their phone number is (212) 428-2800, you should confirm that the address change took effect about 6 weeks after giving notice.
  7. Follow up with your landlord for your security deposit. Use regular mail or certified mail to be able to prove that you made a legal demand.
  8. Give away old boxes through
  9. Inform the library of your new address.

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