Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scoping out the new neighborhood - South Slope

We just moved from the Upper East Side.   While I wait for the "punchlist supervisor" to drop by to discuss the remaining items that need to be done in our apartment, here are the things that I'd like to find in our new neighborhood and small tasks to do:

  1. Change address with the local library.
  2. Find a good Asian food store with miso, vegetables, chinese and japanese spices.
  3. Find a good gym.
  4. Explore Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanical Garden - one of the reasons that we moved to this neighborhood.
  5. Find a good bakery for the occasional treats.
  6. Find a nearby hardware store, drugstore, grocery store, laundry, and coffee shop.
  7. Arrange to have ConEd change my address.
  8. Arrange for cable, internet and possibly phone service.  See if I get cable or wireless internet for free!
  9. Have extra keys made.
  10. Change address with all banks, 401(k), employer, DMV, and IRS.
  11. Make a working to do list.

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