Friday, May 22, 2009

A Book Blogger's New Discovery Award

I received this award for new blogs from J. Kaye's Book Blog last Friday.  

Here is how J.Kaye describes the award on her blog:

Highlighting new book blogs has always been important to me. It’s the reason I pass along blog awards to new bloggers or at the very least, new to me book blogs. Without an audience, especially at the beginning, the life of a blogger can be sort of dreary. It feels good when another book blogger promotes your blog. Besides, I like blabbing about other book blogs. If you’d like to join in, please feel free. This event will take place every Friday and I’ll be listing the new book blogs or websites I’ve discovered during the week. Some might even be a rediscovery.

Thank you so much - I really appreciate the generosity, kindness and recognition!   Please do drop by her site and say hello, check out her many contests and ongoing challenges.   Nominate other blogs that you'd noticed during the week.  Just click here or go to:

I'd like to pass this New Discovery Award to several other new bloggers that I love to visit and thank them for making the experience so fun:

(1)  All Things Royal - click here or visit:

(2) Drey's Library - click here or visit:

(3)  Hello Ello 2 - click here or visit:

(4)  Historical Fiction - click here or visit:

(5)  Historical Tapestry - click here or visit:

(6)  Luxury Reading - click here or visit:

(7)  Missy's Book Nook - click here or visit:

(8) One Literature Nut - click here or visit:

(9) SciFi Guy - click here or visit:

(10) Storytime With Tonya and Friends - click here or visit:

(11)  The Literate Housewife - click here or visit

(12) Victorian Challenge - click here or visit:

Do check them out - and J.Kaye's Book Blog as well!  Though some of them might not be new blogs, they're new to me, so I've listed them.  Thanks, folks!


  1. Thanks for passing on the award to me!

  2. Lovely award! I have one for you here:


  3. Gaby thanks so much. I'll post about it on the weekend :)

  4. I went by to announce the above was your weekly discovery, but you sort of beat me to it. I didn't realize this until I was halfway down the!

  5. AW, thanks so much! This was very lovely! I really appreciate this recognition and want to thank you for reading my blog!