Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Review: The Green Green Pear by Manjula Naraynan

The green Green Pear The green Green Pear by Manjula Naraynan


Written and colorfully illustrated for young children, The Green Green Pear by Manjula Naraynan is the story of a Green Green Pear that desperately wanted to be something else. Surrounded by other colorful things, the Green Green Pear looks longingly at the other colorful fruits, at the useful computer, the animals, beautiful flowers, and would see their beauty.

One night, the Green Green Pear comes across a shooting star and makes a wish. He becomes something else, but still isn't happy. The next night, encountering another shooting star, he makes another wish and transforms into something else...this goes on for several nights. Until the Green Green Pear recognizes something about himself and suddenly, he is happy.


The book is colorfully illustrated and carefully thought out. The Green Green Pear would be a good book for children learning colors, sounds, food names, and learning to read. It also has an important message of self acceptance.

Publisher: AuthorSolutions (June 3, 2009), 32 pages.

Courtesy of Bostick Communications and the author.

Thank you so much, Bostick Communications and Manjula Naraynan!

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