Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Review: No Mad by Sam Moffie

Review of No Mad by Sam Moffie

Aaron Abrams is a writer, the most popular professor on campus, and a family man. When his agent calls with news of his first book deal, he hurries home to find his wife and brother in bed together. Aaron's reaction is to hurl an ice bucket and his wedding ring at the two, grab his dog, credit cards, and his car and peel out of Youngstown, OH for New York City. On his way to meet with his agent and pitch his new book, we follow Aaron on his trip through Interstate 80 and the adventures along the way.

In NYC, Aaron's situation picks up. Not only does he hit it off with Elizabeth, his agent's assistant, but his concept for the book deal is a hit. Aaron's next project will be a book about all the diverse people that went to college and what happened to them over the years. It's Aaron's first stab at nonfiction and is an opportunity for him to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. With his own music, Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade, Aaron travels all over gathering material for his book: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts, Roswell, New Mexico, are just a few of the stops. Throughout the trip, Aaron's observations and chats give us a clear picture of a man with a quirky sense of humor and in love with life and his family.

Aaron is an interesting character who has a love of discovery and adventure coupled with a kind spirit. Traveling with Aaron over thousands of miles is an enjoyable adventure with many unexpected twists and turns.

I wouldn't have found this book on my own and am grateful to Tracee and Pump Up Your Book Tours for the introduction to No Mad, Aaron Abrams, and to Sam Moffie's writing.

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (Feb.24, 2009), 336 pages.
Courtesy of Pump Up Your Book Promotion and the author.

About the Author, courtesy of his website:
A lifelong baseball fan, Youngstown, Ohio resident Sam Moffie graduated from Wittenberg University. He manages two sports bars, serving on the front lines of America’s most heated debate topics: sex, sports and politics. Sam has three children, one son-in-law, one grand daughter, two dogs, two cats and one1 strike-out at marriage. Forty-nine years old, No Mad is his third novel. To learn more, visit his website at

Thanks so much to Tracee, Pump Up Your Book Promotion and the author for this opportunity!

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