Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Review: Tamed by A Laird by Amanda Scott

Review of Tamed by a Laird by Amanda Scott


Young, wealthy, and orphaned and living in the 1300s, Jenny Easdale is in the unenviable position of being engaged to her guardian's brother-in-law, Reid. While Reid is good looking, he's immature and spoiled. Reid hasn't had experience managing an estate but expects to run Easdale once they're married.

During her betrothal celebration, Jenny yearns for adventure and with little planning, decides to sneak out with her personal servant when Peg visits her cousin among the entertainers. Jenny passes as her maidservant's cousin and takes on the role of a singer to be able to join the troupe. During their travels, Jenny overhears a strange conversation that may prove treasonous.

Meanwhile, when her guardian realizes that Jenny's missing, it's Reid's elder brother, Hugh Douglas, that offers to bring Jenny back. When Hugh finds her, he decides to listen to her pleas and agrees to protect her cover and become part of the traveling troupe himself while searching for the mysterious conspirators. As Jenny and Hugh work together, they gradually become friends. As Hugh realizes that Reid would be a bad match for Jenny - Reid would try to control her without understanding or valuing her strengths. So, what should they do when circumstances offer Hugh and Jenny the chance to be together?


Amanda Scott has delivered a fun and exciting romance set in medieval Scotland. Jenny Easdale is spirited, generous, and beautiful. Hugh Douglas is a wonderful romantic lead. Together, they make Tamed by a Laird an enjoyable escape - either for the beach or during a rainy day.

Publisher: Forever (July 1, 2009), 432 pages.

Courtesy of the publisher.

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