Sunday, November 8, 2009

Book Review of Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Eldridge

Run for Your Life, is set in present day New York City and introduces Detective Michael Bennett of the NYPD Tactical Response Unit.
Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett)
The blurb:

Detective Michael Bennett - is he the next Alex Cross?

A killer passes judgment on New York. A calculating murderer who calls himself the Teacher is taking on New York City, slaying the powerful and the arrogant. His message to them is clear: Remember your manners or suffer the consequences! For some, it seems that the rich are finally getting what they deserve. For Gotham's elite, it is a call to terror.

One man struggles to save a city. There is only one man in the NYPD who can tackle this high-profile case: Detective Michael Bennett. For anyone else, the pressure would be overwhelming, but Mike is ready to step up--taking care of his ten children has prepared him for the job! With his hands already full, as his kids all come down with a virulent flu at once, he must now also face the challenge of tracking down the killer. As a secret pattern emerges in the Teacher's lessons, Detective Bennett has just a few precious hours to save New York from the greatest disaster in its history.

I very much enjoyed Run for Your Life. As all of Patterson's novels, it is fast-paced with continuous action and a sympathetic lead detective. I enjoyed Run for Your Life in part because it had less gore than most other thrillers and even the killer was unusually interesting. How can you not be drawn in by someone whose mission is to teach the wealthy and arrogant of NYC manners?

Plus, Run for Your Life introduces us to a fun new detective. I was drawn in by Detective Michael Bennett and the insight that comes from his role in NYPD Tactical Assistance Response Unit. The light hint of romance adds to Michael Bennett's charm.

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (October 20, 2009), 416 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

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