Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review of Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright

Love in Mid Air
The blurb:
A chance encounter with a stranger in an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin. Suddenly, Elyse is willing to risk everything: her safe but stale marriage, her seemingly perfect life in an affluent Southern suburb, and her position in the church. As Elyse embarks on a risky affair, her longtime friend Kelly and the other women in their book club begin to question their own decisions about love, sex, marriage, and freedom. In the end it will take an extraordinary leap of faith for Elyse to find -- and follow -- her own path to happiness.

I enjoyed Love In Mid Air. Elyse is the lead character and although her failing marriage to Phil and her love affair with Gerry are critical and these relationships move the action forward, Elyse's friendship with Kelly is just as significant to the novel. It's the camaraderie and friendship of the different women in the book club, despite their small differences and occasional rivalries that made the characters come alive for me.

It's the dialogue that sets Love In Mid Air apart. Elyse's internal dialogues are a delight - the biting wit had me shaking my head and smiling at the same time. The book deals with infidelity, love, happiness, and the sacrifices we each make in our journeys towards self fulfillment.

ISBN-10: 0446540447 - Hardcover
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (March 29, 2010), 320 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author, courtesy of the publisher:
Kim Wright has been writing about travel, food, and wine for more than 25 years and is a two-time recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Writing. Learn more on Kim Wright's site at

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