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Book Blog Tour of Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory

Welcome to the Book Blog Tour of The Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory.  This is the Margaret's third novel and the last novel in the series.*aNKyO*KsDEJVzpMD9jt9j1DKPiU4bHPTDR1ezZ229efjXlBDbfEBaGhwYQ9*/knightofpassiongraphicblogtour.JPG

This time, she tells the story of Sir James Rayburn.  We'd come across Jamie when his mother first fell in love in Knight of Desire (All the King's Men).   In Knight of Pleasure (All the King's Men), Jamie had squired the romantic lead, Sir Stephen.  This time, it's Jamie's turn.

Knight of Desire (All the King's Men)    Knight of Pleasure (All the King's Men)    Knight of Passion (All the King's Men)

The blurb:
Renowned beauty Lady Linnet is torn between two desires: revenge on those who destroyed her family or marriage to her childhood sweetheart Sir James Rayburn.  One fateful night, she makes a misguided choice:  She sacrifices Jamie's love for a chance at vengeance.

Jamie Rayburn returns to England in search of a virtuous wife -- only to find the lovely Linnet as bewitching as ever.  Their reckless affair ignites anew, even hotter than before, although Jamie vows to never again trust her with his heart.  Then just as Linnet begins to make amends, she's tempted by one last opportunity to settle old scores.  But a final retribution could cost her Jamie's love -- this time forever.

My thoughts:
Though Margaret Mallory is a relatively new writer of historical romance,  she crafts her stories with a deft hand.  Her "All the King's Men" series is consistently entertaining -- with the just right amount of romance, banter, and subplots so that each book offers the escape and lighthearted romance that mark a "keeper."

But in Knight of Passion, Mallory adds certain historical details and suspense that give the novel a little something extra and turn it into one of my favorites.   Mallory includes Owen Tudor as a character in the novel and weaves in his romance with King Henry V's widow, Katherine de Valois.  The start of the Tudor dynasty can be traced to  Katherine de Valois, Owen Tudor and their children.

But as interesting as the subplots may be, Knight of Passion is first and foremost a fun, satisfying romance novel.  As I read the book, I knew it was one of those rare romances that I'd want to reread every so often.  Knight of Passion is a book to share and to keep!

ISBN-10: 0446559865 - Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Forever (June 1, 2010), 416 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author:
Margaret Mallory started out as a Michigan girl. Except for two years in Africa, she grew up in small towns in northern Michigan, where her dad was a county extension agent. She received degrees from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan Law School, and then headed to Washington, DC to save the world.

When that failed, she packed up and moved to the Pacific Northwest for no reason except that it was beautiful and far from her last jobs and boyfriends. She admits to having a vague notion of finding herself a park ranger with a dog. The man she met was not a park ranger, but he was willing to get the dog. Marriage and children soon followed.

Margaret spent many rewarding — but tiring — years in jobs devoted to improving services for abused children and care for the elderly. Then, one day not long ago, she surprised (shocked?) her friends and family by abandoning her legal career — and her steady job — to write novels. She is thrilled to spend her days now writing stories of romance and adventure. At long last, she can satisfy her passion for justice by punishing the bad and rewarding the worthy. She loves romantic tales, heroic deeds, and happy endings.

With her two children off to college, Margaret devoted her time to completing her medieval romance series, All the King's Men. She would dearly love to hear from readers. Please contact her via her website

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  1. I enjoy books by Judith McNaught. They're keepers. =)
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  2. Gaby, thank you so much for this amazing review! I am very flattered that KNIGHT OF PASSION is a "keeper" for you. You made my day.

    Good luck to the commenters. I hope you all get to enjoy a Knight of Passion this summer. ;)


  3. I really enjoyed Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
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  4. I like The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter. It is the first book in a great series :)

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  5. ohhhh, I love series. Sounds good. I'm a follower.


  6. I liked Outlander by Diana Gabaldon...a lot of romance, a bit of time travel, and very well written. I enjoyed the entire series!

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  7. I absolutely loved Knight of Desire. So, I am now a big time fan!
    I'm also following Margaret on her trip to Scotland on Facebook. I hope I win!!

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  8. I recently raided my mother's collection of old romance novels and found some lovely treasures... 'The Fires of Winter' by Johanna Lindsay is intense, well written and a lovely way to pass the time.

    Aliya D.

  9. I absolutely love Skye O'Malley series by Beatrice Small... I love this series because it includes Skye's family and children!! very hot books
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  10. I recommend anything by Elizabeth Hoyt. Liked The Raven Prince. The male main has a problem with his facial scars...funny stuff.

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