Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book Review of New Tricks by David Rosenfelt

New Tricks
Valerie and Grand Central Publishing are sponsoring a giveaway of  New Tricks by David Rosenfelt.  I've extended the deadline to Aug. 30!

The blurb:
Attorney Andy Carpenter is about to represent an adorable Bernese mountain dog puppy, whose owner was brutally murdered, in a custody fight.  Few can rival Andy's affection for dogs, and he's determined to keep Waggy from falling into the wrong hands.  But this playful pup possesses a valuable secret that some people will resort to violence to obtain.  It will take more than Andy's usual courtroom theatrics to save Waggy, including help from the lawyer's golden retriever, Tara.  Andy soon discovers that everyone around him is in danger, including his longtime girlfriend Laurie -- and only some high-risk new tricks will save those he cherishes most.

Attorney Andy Carpenter is a wise-cracking, dog-loving, and long-distance relationship balancing, trust fund baby.  He makes the most of his time now that he has the luxury of choosing his cases. In his own words: "I've been on a three month vacation from work.  I find that my vacations are getting longer and longer, almost to the point that vacationing is my status quo, from which I take infrequent 'work breaks.'  Two things enable me to do this: my mostly inherited wealth and my laziness."

When Carpenter's assigned to represent a dog in a custody dispute, the case gets complex quickly.  Carpenter narrowly misses being killed and the dog's claimants quickly drop in number.    Acting as an amateur sleuth and lawyer, Carpenter finds himself in the middle of a complex and dangerous plot involving the dog, a drug company, and a struggle for a huge fortune.  Carpenter faces the absurd, the dangerous, and the crazy with a keen sense of humor -- and takes on the challenge of unraveling the mystery behind the Bernese mountain dog and finding him a home.

Witty, fun, and a good read, New Tricks is sure to appeal to folks who enjoy legal thrillers, mysteries and dogs.

ISBN-10: 0446505889 - Mass Market Paperback  
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; Reprint edition (July 1, 2010), 384 pages

Review copy provided by the publisher.

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