Friday, December 17, 2010

28 days

I haven't written in a while.  While I will be catching up on book reviews these next few days,  I wanted to share a little about what's been going on with me.

I started the blog with the intention of doing more, getting fit, and becoming more productive, to start my own law practice and to share things that I love about the books that I read and events and places that I find in NYC and in my travels. 

My goal of fitness has fallen on the wayside and it was easy for me to spend much of my time reading, on the internet and watching tv.  I know that the reading and internet and tv are habits that I'll carry with me, but I absolutely need to eat better and exercise.   I tell myself this almost everyday but it's only been these last 2 days that I've actually gotten up early and gone for a jog.

I tend to come up with ambitious lists of things that I need to do - and instead of thinking of how many pounds I need to lose - I have decided to focus on these things that I'd read.  I'm not sure if they're facts, but I believe them:

- it takes 28 days to make a habit. If I can get myself to work out every morning, then I intend to make morning workouts a habit for my mind and body.

- that if you work out 4 times a week,  the benefit to your body is 25% more than if you work out 3 times a week (aside from the calories expended)

-that exercising in the morning helps me plan out my day and focus on things that need to get done.

I remember when I started as a first year associate in the law firm in Manila. I was so excited and worried about work, clients, and office politics that I would jog almost everyday.  If I had time, I'd do it first thing in the morning.  If I was too busy, I'd do it during lunch or as people were eating dinner and then I'd head back and work late into the evening. 

But working at WGM in NY, I was always worried about leaving work. For the first few months I would jog in Central Park after 5 pm - it was great to step out of the office building and be right at entrance of the Park.  Somehow as I got more and more worried about work and being productive and the people I worked with, I felt like I couldn't spare the time to jog or go to the gym.  I just wanted to sleep when I could get out of work, but I would have been better off  blocking off the time to exercise somehow.

I control my own schedule now, so 28 days to make a habit.  I'm on day 2.   Today I didn't have any snacks or snacks.   That's  my last personal revelation - I'm off to catch up on book reviews!

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