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Duchess of Sin: Book Two in the Daughters of Erin Trilogy by Laurel McKee

Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin)
Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin) by Laurel McKee

The blurb:
Blonde and beautiful Lady Anna Blacknall is in the mood for mischief.  Entering Dublin’s most notorious den of vice, she finds herself in the arms of a mysterious, emerald-eyed Irishman.  And although he is masked, his tender kiss is a hauntingly familiar.
Conlan McTeer, Duke of Adair, has come to Dublin to fight for a free Ireland.  But he’s suddenly reunited with the young Englishwoman who had once claimed his heart, and his passion turns from politics to pleasure.  When their sizzling encounter brings danger to Anna’s door, she must decide where her loyalties lie -- and quickly.  For someone will do whatever it takes to destroy Conlan. . . and anyone he dares to love.
Duchess of Sin by Laurel McKee is the second in the Daughters of Erin trilogy (My review of the first in the trilogy, Countess of Scandal, can be found here).  
In Duchess of Sin, McKee takes us to Dublin during a time of upheaval.  At this time, the beautiful Anna Blacknall, finds herself drawn to the dangerous and Catholic Duke of Adair, Conlan McTeer.  But she is just as interested in her Protestant suitor - and Adair’s cousin - Grant Dunmore.  Grant Dunmore seems the safer choice - Protestant, sociable, and popular in Dublin society.  
McKee sets up Duchess of Sin with skill and humor. I quickly found myself rooting for Conlan McTeer, with his sense of honor, his protective nature, and his devotion to Anna.   Duchess of Sin is fun, full of unexpected twists, and a deeply satisfying read.  I recommend it highly to fans of historical romance.

ISBN-10: 0446544760 - Mass Market Paperback $7.99
Publisher: Forever; 1 edition (December 1, 2010), 384 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.

About the Author, courtesy of the publisher:
Laurel McKee lives in Oaklahoma with a menagerie of two cats, a pug, a bossy minature poodle, and loves dance classes, collecting cheesy travel souvenirs, and watching the Food Network -- even though she doesn’t cook.  You can reach her through her website

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