Friday, May 15, 2009

The Friday 56, courtesy of Just Jennifer Reading and Storytime with Tonya and Friends

I saw The Friday 56 on Just Jennifer Reading and decided to sign up too!  This was started by Storytime With Tonya and Friends.  Here's how it works:

1.  Grab the book nearest to you. Right now.  No hunting for the coolest, smartest, funniest book.  Just the closest!
2.  Turn to page 56.
3.  Find the fifth line.
4.  Post that sentence (plus one or two more if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or if you don't have a blog in the comments section of this blog. Or both!
5.   Post a link along with your post back to this blog, Storytime With Tonya and Friends.

Before I start,  I think it's so cool to find these things that lead you from one blog to finding another!  

Here's what I have:

And I've got a brain.  In fact, my momma assured me on countless occasions that I have a good head on my shoulders.  Then she would follow up with something along the lines of, "I wish you would use it occasionally."  And she was right.  
from The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

I'd just received this book yesterday from Thomas Nelson - it's my first non B&N ARC!


  1. Gaby,

    I've been doing this for about a month. I missed one week cause I was out of town.

    I have the Principle of the Path also. I haven't started it yet but it looks pretty good. So far I've really liked everything I've gotten from Thomas Nelson. I hope you like their program!

  2. YAYYYY! New people! I love meeting new bloggers and I didn't even know Jennifer was playing. I was actually feeling a little sad this week because I thought only three people played. I know that's silly, but I've really had a good time doing this. Welcome!