Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick update on Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix

The Story Siren posted this interesting interview with Cindy Pon, the author of The Silver Phoenix.  

I'd mentioned the Silver Phoenix in an earlier post because it intrigued me.  The author is Taiwanese American and it's her debut novel. Already I was cheering for her, but then I saw the trailer and read the blurb. It sounded like the sort of story that I would have loved to have read twenty five years ago!  Then I realized, what the hell, I can still read it now!   I've made a start and will head off to read it in a bit.  I promise to write a real review of it once I do.   A hint though, I feel strongly enough to be lobbying the branch of my local library purchase a copy once the Brooklyn Public Library is able to purchase books in July.  

Until then, here's a link to the the feature on Cindy Pon, the latest installment in  The Story Siren's   Author Tales series.

Plus, the link to my previous post on Cindy's worldwide contest, the blurb and video about Silver Phoenix.

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