Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bloggiesta - Final Summary

blogiestaToo ambitious yet again! Here's my final post for the Bloggiesta festival conceptualized and executed by Natasha at Maw Books Blog.

Here's a quick summary of my Bloggiesta stats:
  • spent 14 hours (that I counted) on Bloggiesta
  • commented on and visited 28 blogs, though about only 18 were new to me
  • completed and posted 1 review
  • completed for future use 1 review , 5 giveaways, 1 list post
  • prepared templates for 2 reviews
  • have read up on and prepared for my upcoming author interview this Wednesday.
Perhaps I shouldn't have prepared such a comprehensive to do list. The items that remain to be done are overwhelming and a bit of a downer. I won't list them here! Hopefully, my exhaustive to do list will serve me well as I work at improving my blog....

Mini-Challenges completed
  • created gravatar --> mini challenge by Trish @ Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?'s
  • visited and commented at over 10 new blogs --> mini challenge by Jill @ Fizzy Thoughts
  • prepared and saved a list post --> mini challenge by Beth @ Beth Fish Reads
  • set up google alerts --> mini challenge by Emily @ Emily's Reading Room
  • registered with 2 more blog directories --> mini challenge by Lynn @ Chronicles of an Infant Bibliophile
  • created an About Me section and updated my most viewed posts --> mini challenge by Jenn @ Devourer of Books
  • have improved my anchoring habits --> mini challenge by Michelle @ Galleysmith
  • read 6 articles suggested and identified some habits to break and some to grow --> mini challenge by Andrea @ Book Blather
  • underwent the Website Grader review and report and created mega tags --> mini challenge by Ruth @ Bookish Ruth
  • cleaned up my feedreader and installed greasemonkey (but couldn't install the second item) on Firefox. I usually use Safari though --> mini challenge by Rebecca @ Book Lady's blog
I enjoyed the sense that so much can be accomplished in these few days. I loved visiting the other participants' blogs and seeing their blogs, reading what they'd like to accomplish and their posts. It helped me to see other items to improve, add and delete from my blog. It was also good to be more sociable and reach out to other bloggers and to get a few new visitors/commenters on Starting Fresh.

I also loved all the generous tips and suggestions from Natasha @ Maw Books Blog, from the hosts of the mini challenges, and from the articles and posts that the hosts would steer us towards. These will be a huge help in the future, so I've marked these posts for future reference.

A huge thank you to Natasha at Maw Books Blog,
Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog, Beth from Beth Fish Reads, Jill at Fizzy Thoughts, Emily from Emily’s Reading Room, Deborah from Books, Movies, and Chinese Food, Lynn from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile, Jen from Devourer of Books, Amy from My Friend Amy, Trish from Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’?, Michelle from GalleySmith, Andrea from Book Blather and Ruth from Bookish Ruth for giving so generously of your time, energy, and expertise!


  1. My gosh, you must be exhausted. I'm tired just reading about what you accomplished. Great job!

  2. Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. You put a lot into the challenge!

  3. Congratulations on accomplishing so much this weekend! Definitely fun to meet you through this challenge and I'll be back to check things out often!

  4. Sorry I'm so late in leaving a comment. I'm just crawling out of my hole. You did a fantastic job! I'm thrilled that you had a great time. I can't wait until next time.