Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

"For my generation, the greatest moonwalk had nothing to do with NASA."
-Yancey, comment on NY Times June 25, 2009

Like everyone around me, I thought he was brilliant. I remember waiting to catch the release of each of his early MTVs. I grew up with his music and always wished that I could have told him how much I believed in him and how much happiness he brought to the world. I am so sad that all the sensationalist press and mean comments might have kept him from knowing how loved he really was.

As a show of love and respect for Michael Jackson, his genius, and his kind soul, my site will temporarily switch from white to black.


  1. When I got to know of this sad news, I can't describe how I felt. I kind of grew up with his music.

    My ipod has only his music. I don't listen to anything else.

    He did not get the happiness he deserved. He died a lonely death. But he brought pleasure to trillions of people with his music.

    He was loved al over the world.

  2. His music was so wonderful and I hope he has found some peace now.I am so sad about this.And so young still!

  3. My first album on vinyl was Micheal Jackson. And I remember when the thriller video was released. I'm still floored by this news.