Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Blog Tour of Charlie and Mama Kyna by Diana Rumjahn

Welcome to the Book Blog Tour of the children's book Charlie and Mama Kyna by Diana Rumjahn! We have a guest post from Diana about the inspiration behind her children's book Charlie and Mama Kyna. With no further ado, let's welcome Diana!

My inspirations in life come from my love of animals and stuffed animals, music and film. They are so cute, friendly and comforting. The wild stuffed animals like lions and giraffes are fun because they are wild but available to be loved. When I am listening to new age music especially music by Enya, I am so inspired to be even more creative. The music is so spiritual and fantastic that it makes me forget about anything negative going on in the world. Being a filmmaker is great because I am able to create an artistic project from passion. As I am working on the project, I am also inspired to make improvements. I love to visit the countryside, explore new places, experiment new ideas while writing and making films and being inspired while working on the artistic project.

Some moments in life can be inspiring in an everlasting way. When I was child, I attended a high school orchestra concert. They played famous classical symphonies as I sat in the chair with Kitty, my stuffed animal cat. Even though I was not a player, I was inspired to choose an artistic field. Kitty agreed with me. At the same time, I watched some of the most exciting and well-written television shows along with Kitty in the living room. The television shows made me feel apart of their world and drama.

Along with stuffed animals, television/film and music, I was truly inspired to be an artist.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Diana! You're fortunate to have made this decision early and to have discovered that this was truly the right path for you. Congratulations on Charlie and Mama Kyna and best of luck on your new venture!

About the Author, courtesy of the author:

Diana Rumjahn earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from San Francisco State University where she currently works at the College of Creative Arts . She wrote and directed the film Going Home which has been screened at venues worldwide. She is also the author of the new children's picture book, Charlie and Mama Kyna. Rumjahn resides in San Francisco and is currently at work on film and book projects. You can visit her website at

Thanks so much for this book tour opportunity, Diana Rumjahn, Dorothy and Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tour!

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