Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celebrate Halloween with chocolate! Chocolate: A Love Story by Max Brenner

"On the one hand, it is the most romantic gift; on the other hand, a commodity that is traded in the bourse. It is sold like precious jewelry that is picked carefully from a crystal glass, but also is an addictive snack in every corner kiosk. It is tasted like a fine wine and licked straight from the bowl...These diverse aspects of chocolate and of life are the inspiration for our book."
- Chocolate A Love Story: 65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection by Max Brenner

Chocolate: A Love Story: 65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection
This upcoming holiday season and just in time for Halloween celebrations, Max Brenner (the Bald Man) and artist Yontan Factor have come up with Chocolate A Love Story: 65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection. Large and eye-catching, the book looks like pop art. I was dying to know what recipes Max Brenner selected for this homage to chocolate and I know you must equally curious.

Here are just some of the creations described in the book:
Dependable banana cupcakes, Bohemian French toast chocolate sandwiches, Intimate Hungarian crepes (they have figs), Control freak chocolate spread, Plain Jane sweet chocolate rolls, Intimate scones, Nostalgic dark chocolate cheese crumb cake, Handsome tiramisu, My very own honey pie manifest, Mon cheri cherry pie, A therapeutic chocolate pot pie, A philosophical highly concentrated fudge brownie (if you're going to make brownies - why not a Max Brenner brownie?!), Enticing sugar churros, Max and Mortiz profiteroles, Forever young white chocolate custard, A mannered white chocolate creme brulee, Banana split, Tacky double chocolate fondue, Once-upon-a-time small almond cookies, Contentious chocolate chip cookies, Wannabe French hot chocolate, Shanti white chocolate chai image, Innocent meringue kisses, and Such a beautiful chocolate souffle.

I hope that I didn't ruin the surprise by naming the dishes. I figure that if you're interested in Chocolate A Love Story, you will check out the book for yourself.

Almost just as seductive as the food is the accompanying artwork. Each recipe is paired with an eye-catching 8 by 11 mini poster. The posters are gorgeous enough to frame.

If you'd like to learn more, visit Max Brenner's website at Better yet - visit any one of the Max Brenner locations and sample the finished product!

A huge thank you to Anna and Hatchette Book Group for the review copy and for the opportunity to review Chocolate A Love Story!

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