Monday, June 21, 2010

E-Readers Drop in Price

If you haven't yet bought an E-Reader, the current price war between Barnes & Noble and Amazon is working to your advantage!

Amazon's Kindle 2 has gone down from $259 to $189. Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. Wireless)

Barnes & Noble has cut its price on the Nook as well. The wifi Nook is selling at $149 and the 3G Nook is down to $199 from $259.

Blogging Stocks has a deeper analysis on the price war and the future of E-Readers at

I hadn't planned on buying an E-Reader though I was eying the Nook, a Kindle and the Sony E-Reader last December. The Sony E-Reader is compatible with the NYPL and Brooklyn Public Library, so that opens up a whole range of free e-books. The Nook allows you to "lend" books to other Nook owners. But I won a Kindle 2 on Cym Lowell's blog and that settled it!

I still read most books in paper form because that's what I'm used to. It just feels more comfortable to me. But I have gotten into the habit of using the Kindle on long trips because one Kindle snug in its M-Edge case is much more convenient than a tote full of books! Plus, the e-Luminator book light that fits in my Kindle case makes reading in dark places so much easier. I've used it in the car during road trips, on the Chinatown bus from NYC to Boston, and reading at home so as not to disturb R. The e-Luminator  book light and the Kindle case make a huge difference because of the portability and convenience.
M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight for Amazon Kindle (Fits 6" Display, 2nd gen)    M-Edge Prodigy Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle), Gold  M-Edge GO! Patent Leather Kindle Jacket (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle), Leopard

Do you use an E-Reader? If not, are you thinking of getting one and which one are you most interested in?


  1. I'm waiting to read reviews of the new Kobe eReader which is supposed to cost around $150. Wonder if the Kobe has anything to do with sudden reduced prices for the Nook and Kindle?

  2. Hmm, maybe I should just go ahead and get one. I won't be able to afford an iPad for a long time, so maybe I should go ahead and go for the is very tempting. But what's up with the light for it? Does it not have a backlight for when it's dark?

  3. Hi Book Bird Dog,

    The Kobo does look good! It has many of the strengths of the Kindle, comes with 100 free books, has a longer lasting battery, allows you to carry a separate memory chip, is lighter than the Kindle 2 and sells for $149!

    Hi aLmYbNeNr,

    I don't think that it has a backlight, they tried to make it easy on the eyes so the screen has another type of technology that mimics paper. I end up using it with regular light or a small light when I'm in a small space. The small light attachment lasts for around 20 hours before needing a battery change.

    Here are 2 short posts about the lack of a backlight on a Kindle

    Thanks for stopping by you guys!

  4. Ah, thank you so much for the links! That is good information to know! Now there's a rumor going around twitter that a Kindle 3 is coming out in August... I wonder if that's part of the reason the price is going down. So many decisions. I want to buy it, but then it's like, what if this new one does come out and it's better? *sigh* LOL

  5. I'm going to buy but haven't decided which one to get. I love the idea of buying a book anywhere/anytime...that means kindle plus I can share an account with my aunt (we already share most print books we buy).

    But, then I would love to be able to get books from anywhere such as the library or less known ebook publishers....and with Kindle I don't think I could do that?

    I'm also a fan of audio books and would love to see the ereader have more audio capacity....Soooo, I'm still waiting to decide which ereader is best for me.

    I must admit that I'm puzzled by the ereaders on the market. There are +/- to each of them for the avid reader....And it seems to me they could have come up with a perfect ereader that will do it all....

    *No Back Light during the day, but option to turn it on at night.
    *Access to all formats of ebooks including library books
    *Ability to increase size of font on PDF books put on the ereader
    *Extra storage capacity
    *Extra battery capacity
    *Ability to organize your library and wish lists.
    *Greater MP3 capacity
    *Wireless capability so you can buy any book you want whenever you want, Etc., Etc., Etc...

    Just seems like the designers/programmers don't really read a lot of books on their own devices or they would surely make their ereaders have all the items they need/want???

    I understand that it's business and their objective is to place their mark on a corner of the market share....but most of us readers only want to be able to buy all our books at a reasonable price from wherever we choose and have the ability to read ease, store them without the threat of losing them if our device crashes and keep our library organized.

    Not to much to it????