Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Resolved: To engage in at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity every other day

When I began Starting Fresh, I was determined to exercise more, eat healthy, act healthy and get more done.   While I've loved reading and reviewing books,  I haven't taken any real steps to become more active or slimmer. 

It's been easy for me to put off exercising, and then to put off other things (networking, etc) until I slim down and reach other self-improvement goals.

Both my husband and my mother have been encouraging me to "seize the day."  The phrase in Filipino (Tagalog) is "Sayang ang araw" or "Sulitin ang araw" which roughly translated means "Don't waste the day,"  "Make the most of the day."  I usually smile and nod, but haven't improved all that much.

I know I used to get so much more done when I was working 12 to 15 hours a day at the law firm.  Those days, just a fifteen minute break or an hour in the sun was such a luxury.  

So here goes, I had planned to commit to 30 minutes of vigorous activity every day of the week.  I've since I bargained myself down to every other day.   I won't bore everyone by posting about my diet and exercise plan, but I hope you guys don't mind that I mention what I've done (just one line!) the day that I do it.  This will force me to keep honest and keep at it.    And now, I'll head over to my local YMCA.  A blogger I met during BEA mentioned that she reads her Kindle on the elliptical -- I'll give that a try!

Would anyone else like to give this a try? We help keep each other on track!  Shoot me an email at gaby317nyc at


  1. Good luck! I've been walikng four miles a day, my goal is five miles a day for the rest of my life. So far I've not missed a day unless my health doesn't permit me to walk.

  2. Enyl,

    I love that you're so consistent. And that you have a 5 mi a day goal. How long have you been doing this?

    Thanks for sharing - it sort of helps motivate me!