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Book Review: Broken Wing by Judith James

Broken Wing
Review of Broken Wing by Judith James


The book opens to Paris at the time of the French Revolution.  Sarah, Lady Monroe, and her half-brother Ross, have come to find and rescue their younger brother Jamie who had disappeared five years past.  Jamie had been in Maison de Joie, one of the better Parisian brothels.   Gabriel, who had been surprised at his impulses, had protected little Jamie for years and was happy to hear of his friend's good fortune and desolate at losing his only friend.  But Jamie refused to leave without his friend and protector Gabriel.   So, Gabriel finds himself on an estate in England,  companion and friend to Jamie and trying his best to keep from falling in love with the unconventional Sarah.

Sarah had been drawn to Gabriel from the moment that they'd met.  Not only was he beautiful but he had tried to protect her brother at no small cost to himself.   While he presents a cold and polished front, she sees his pain and draws out his love of life, music, and learning.   

When Sarah and Gabriel finally come together, Gabriel leaves to prove himself and make his fortune to be able to provide for Sarah.  He undertakes to join Davey as a privateer and finds himself in great danger.   Though he escapes drowning, Gabriel must escape from slavers, mercenaries, and pirates along the Barbary Coast.  Will he be able to find his way back to Sarah?  


I suspected that I'd enjoy this book, just based on its blurb.   But I hadn't expected it to be such a good read!  I was unable to stop reading.  I found both lead characters very sympathetic.  It was unusual to have the male lead constantly objectified.  While Lady Sarah is beautiful, she wasn't the focus of the descriptions of beauty.  I enjoyed this twist - it was one of many unexpected aspects of the book.  

The plot was chockfull of action from the first page.  Pirates,  Napoleon, privateers, slavers, possible duels - they all fit into the plot naturally and make for a fun and heartwrenching read.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romances, pirate stories, and action filled love stories.  

Format and cover: Eye catching while it reflects the tone and content of the book. 
Rating 4.75 out of 5
Publisher: Medallion Press (November 1, 2008), 440 pages.
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  1. I like books dealing with this period of history. One of my favorites is The Tale of Two Cities!