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Book Review: Man Overboard - A Johnny Donohue Adventure by Sandy Mason

Review of Man Overboard - A Johnny Donohue Adventure by Sandy Mason


Tired of life as an IT professional in NYC, Johnny Donohue escapes to the simple life in a Florida marina. In between sailing, managing his marina software business, and socializing, Johnny finds himself in the role of amateur sleuth. This is the second in the Johnny Donohue Adventure series. This time, while sailing in from the Gulf of Mexico, Donohue discovers the empty boat of Tom McNeil, the owner of the local marina and Donohue's client.

McNeil's disappearance is a mystery. Too careful of a sailor to have just disappeared, clues emerge: money laundering, stolen boats, drug smuggling, jealous and grasping relations, an offshore bank account and a sighting at the safety deposit section of a local bank.

Johnny Donohue and ex-cop Lonnie Turner scour the waters, marinas, and bars for clues to McNeil's disappearance. Along the way Donohue falls in love with Maria deFlores, a local reporter with ambition of breaking an undercover story on drug smuggling in Florida.

McNeil's body eventually surfaces but Maria deFlores disappears under strange circumstances. Donohue and Turner must move quickly to solve the mystery and save the girl.

Johnny Donohue is an unlikely leading man, although he doesn't seem to realize it. Full of bravado and macho comments, he is likely to get a chuckle or two. I expect that he'd be particularly popular with readers who are much like the person that he portrays - fond of sailing, quick with snappy comments, and eager for adventure. I personally was not particularly drawn to Johnny Donohue.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy detective and mystery novels set in unusual places, people fond of sailing, and also those who imagine leaving their corporate jobs for life on a boat. I'd rate the book at 2.75 out of 5.

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (April 16, 2009), 218 pages.
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