Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bumble & Bumble Model Project - Cuts, Color & Styling for free

Just a quick post about the benefits of joining Bumble & Bumble's Model Project.   

Unlike some of the other options, Bumble & Bumble participants are stylists that are honing their craft.  They've had several years of experience and are in NYC for a week or two to update themselves on new trends and methods.  They tend to be quite good already. The teachers/supervisors are excellent and will help direct them when coming up with the colors or shaping the cuts!

Bumble & Bumble's Model Project is free - you're not even expected to tip.  You might have a before and after picture taken.  You'll have to come for a model call visit before they set your first appointment and the appointments are spaced out every few months, unlike when you have to pay for the cut...but I've been happy with the cuts and coloring.   It's also interesting to see this side of the beauty industry.  

If you're on a budget in NYC, it's one of the best places to go for a good cut, albeit infrequently. To learn more click here or visit  http://bbumodelproject.com/home/ 

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